January 12, 2005

Chicago Transit Board Approves Contract to Create Station Design / New Leases for Retail Store Fronts at Wilson

The rehabilitation of the Chicago Transit Authority's historic Wilson station on the Red Line moved closer to reality today with the approval of a contract for the design of the station and station house. The project is expected to introduce modern amenities while preserving the station's historic architectural features. The station was originally constructed in 1900 and is listed as a contributing structure in the Uptown Square Historic District on the National Register of Historic Places.

Through a competitive bid process, CTA has named Wilson Transit Associates (WTA) a Joint Venture as the recipient of the $1.75 million design contract. WTA will provide the CTA three design alternatives for the Wilson station, which will include moving the main entrance to the corner of Broadway and Wilson and creating an auxiliary entrance on the south side of Wilson. The station will be fully accessible to people with disabilities and offer upgraded customer amenities, such as a new platform, signage, overhead heaters and elevator.

"Investing in CTA's infrastructure remains a top priority," said Chicago Transit Board Chairman Carole Brown. ?Without the capital investment made in the Wilson station rehabilitation, as well as in other areas of the CTA's infrastructure, the system would fall into a state of disrepair and jeopardize the vital components that make public transportation safe, reliable and convenient for our customers."

?Wilson station provides key access to the CTA system for residents of the Uptown community," said CTA President Frank Kruesi. ?The rehabilitation of the historic Wilson station will allow the CTA to enhance the transit experience for those customers and encourage new customers to ride the system."

WTA a Joint Venture is a partnership between Parsons Transportation Group, Inc., McDonough Associates Inc., and Architrave, Ltd., of Chicago. The firm is committed to meeting a 35.6 percent Disadvantage Business Enterprise (DBE) goal through the hiring of subcontractors.

Design work is expected to be completed by the end of 2006. Construction on the new station and track improvements is scheduled to begin no sooner than 2008.

In addition to the design contract, the Board approved lease agreements for three companies running existing retail businesses at the station, American Fast Foods, Inc.; Charles Stempien (Lakeview Foods); and Wilson-Broadway Mall, Inc.

The new agreements will bring an additional $732,687 in rent and capital improvements to the CTA for a period of up to five years or until renovations begin at the Wilson Red Line station. The leases were competitively bid.

As part of its agreement with the CTA, American Fast Foods, Inc., will lease, operate and make capital upgrades on a 3,065-square foot store front located adjacent to the Red Line Wilson station. The vendor will continue to operate a Popeye's Chicken restaurant at this location.

Charles Stempien (Lakeview Foods) will continue to operate a convenience store in a 2,467 square-foot store front located at 4612 N. Broadway. The business recently made capital improvements to the property.

The Wilson-Broadway Mall will make capital upgrades to the store front at 1114 W. Wilson, and will lease and operate Alpha Electronics in the 8,445 square foot space.

The CTA's competitive bid process evaluates bids for the retail store fronts based on the vendor's proposed rent and capital improvement expenditure, financial background, experience with retail and concession stands and design of the retail space.

Total contract value is a combination of the bid rent and the amount of capital improvement to the retail space proposed by the bidder.

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