Commute Summary for Day 3 of Three-Track Operation

April 4, 2007

CTA's rail and bus service continued to perform as expected on the third day of three-track operation at the Belmont and Fullerton stations. Although there were a few minor problems with equipment, staff responded quickly and avoided long delays.

During the morning commute a southbound Red Line train experienced problems with the doors. The rail operator resolved the issue quickly and customers experienced a 5 minute delay. Two defective rail trips just north of Belmont prevented trains from crossing over to the designated track, however, switchmen on site corrected the problem in a matter of minutes. Three trains were affected but the delays were only 5-9 minutes.

During the busiest part of the morning rush, Brown and Purple Line trains were very full by the time they arrived at Armitage and Sedgwick and some customers had to wait for the next train before they could board, which is typical of weekday morning rush.

Early in the evening rush a brief switching problem northbound at Armitage caused a 6 minute delay of Red and Brown Line trains.

With the exception of these incidents, morning and evening travel times have remained consistently within the expected service intervals.

Buses continue to be a popular alternative. Ridership remained strong on the #11, #22, #136, #143, #145, #146, #147, #148, #151 and #156 routes leaving downtown and traveling north.

The CTA's web site, transitchicago.com, and the ctabrownline.com site have all information pertaining to the three-track project.

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