Chicago Card Plus Available Soon!

January 14, 2004
Press Release - CTA's new Chicago Card Plus to become available to customers January 19

Thank you for your interest in CTA's new Chicago Card PlusTM - the most convenient new way to take it everywhere. Please visit Chicago Card Plus web site to learn more and order Chicago Card Plus!

Chicago Card Plus
Click to Order Chicago Card Plus

Chicago Card Plus will feature:

  • Online fare reloading: No need to stop for cash or at the station vending machine. Fares reload automatically.
  • Protected fares: Your account balance will be secure even if the card is lost, stolen or damaged.
  • Quicker Boarding: Just touch the card to the bus farebox or rail turnstile and you?re on your way.
  • Guaranteed 10% bonus: Receive a 10% gift for every $10 on Pay-Per-Use reload only.
The $5 purchase fee for Chicago Card Plus will be waived through March 31, 2004.





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