November 23, 1999

Starting Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 25, CTA will make changes to some stops on its X21 Cermak Express bus route to better serve customers using the weekend/holiday service. X21 Cermak Express buses began operating last December, making limited stops along Cermak between 54th Avenue in Cicero and McCormick Place, mainly at streets with connecting bus lines.

This past summer, weekend ridership on both X21 Cermak Express and #21 Cermak local buses increased by about 41 percent compared to the summer of 1998. Even in September, ridership was up about 30 percent on Saturdays and 40 percent on Sundays over the same period last year. Both X21 Cermak Express and #21 Cermak local buses are accessible to persons with disabilities.

In response to changing customer travel patterns and needs, the CTA has added stops for X21 Cermak Express buses in both directions at Leavitt (2200 W), Rockwell (2600 W), Marshall Boulevard (3000 W) and Kostner (4400 W). New stops will be made eastbound only at 54th Avenue (5400 W) for riders transferring from Pace buses, at the Hawthorne Works Mall (4632 W), and at Wentworth (200 W) to serve Chinatown and Red Line trains.

Stops in both directions at Kildare (4300 W) and eastbound at Clark (100 W) will be eliminated.

Notices are being posted at all the affected bus stops and on Cermak buses to inform customers of the changes.

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