Changes Approved for Two CTA Bus Routes Serving Evanston

August 12, 2009

The Chicago Transit Board today approved changes for two bus routes currently serving the Evanston area. These service adjustments are the result of low ridership and customer feedback, as well as observation and analysis by CTA staff.

A public hearing was held in late-July at the Levy Senior Center to solicit public input regarding the proposed elimination of the #200 Main Shuttle and modification of the #N201 Central/Sherman route.

As a result of today’s board action, the following changes will be implemented: 

#N201 Central/Sherman (Night Owl Service) – Route Change

Previously, #N201 Central/Sherman buses operated south to the accessible Granville Red Line station to accommodate customers with disabilities.

Since December 2008, #N201 buses have traveled south to the renovated, accessible Howard station instead of the Granville Red Line station during night Owl service hours or when the Purple Line is not operating.  This routing for #N201 buses is now permanent. 

#200 Main Shuttle – Eliminated

Ridership along the #200 route has declined to fewer than 100 rides per day – an average of less than five rides per trip. In addition, the Rand McNally corporate headquarters, which was served by the route, closed in January. As a result of the low ridership, the #200 Main Shuttle route will be eliminated effective Sunday, September 6.         
Buses currently operate along Main Street between the Main Purple Line station and the former Rand McNally offices on Central Park.

Alternate service is available within a half-mile south of Main Street on Oakton Street, via the #97 Skokie and #206 Evanston Circulator routes. One-half mile north of Main Street, service is available along the #250 Pace route. Customers also can take #93 California/Dodge or #201 Central/Ridge buses, both of which cross Main Street and provide additional service options.

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