Irving Park

Artwork with simple shapes and vibrant colors

passin’ by; looking up; movin’ on
Dan Devening
Porcelain Enamel on Steel
2023, Federal Transit Administration (FTA) transit enhancement projects

Artist Dan Devening uses vibrant color and a selection of simple shapes to highlight and celebrate the thousands of passengers who pass through the subway, ride the ‘L’ (trains), and eventually arrive at their destination. Full of exuberance and movement, this artwork illustrates the rich diversity of Chicago through a broad lens of simple design, color, and whimsy. Riders of the CTA can see themselves observed through the windows of train cars, speeding by, then slowing down to make the next stop.

Fabricated of porcelain enamel on steel, the modular elements that make up this artwork are designed to bring rhythmic visual energy and drama to the Irving Park station passageways, guiding CTA travelers from the street to the platform and back again.

Artist Dan Devening lives and works in Chicago.

Artwork with simple shapes and vibrant colors

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