24/7 (above)
Carla Arocha and Stéphane Schraenen
Stainless steel
2009, Arts in Transit

Titled 24/7, the sculpture suspended overhead celebrates the dynamic activity that occurs day and night in the Howard station. Circular stainless steel plates, polished to a mirror finish, are draped together using fasteners custom-designed by the artists. A pattern of laser-cut holes scatters across the surface of the plates, creating secondary circular patterns. As one moves through the space of the sculpture, the perception of circles reflected within circles is intensified



Destination: Points Unknown (below)
Amy Cheng
Hand-painted ceramic tile
2009, Arts in Transit

Composed of hand-painted ceramic tile, this mural is intended to momentarily transport the viewer on an imaginative journey. Rich colors and decorative patterns create circular forms reminiscent of images of the cosmos. These floating forms suggest motion and depth in space, serving as a visual metaphor for the Howard station, which is a place of passage en route to limitless destinations.



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