Station interior: Backlit, lenticular columns featuring the artist's multi-disciplinary artwork also known as "Sound Suits"

Nick Cave
Digital design for stainless steel, glass, lenticular panels; resin tile mosaic

By translating his aesthetic vision into the architecture of Garfield station, artist Nick Cave provides visitors with an immersive experience of exuberant colors, textures, eccentric imagery, and motion.               

Inspired by Frederick Law Olmsted’s historic design of neighboring Washington Park, the artist’s expression through flowers, vines and birds transforms the station with the lushness of nature. Beyond the fare gates, dynamic images of Cave’s Soundsuits welcome transit customers to their journey on the Green line.

Chicago artist Nick Cave is internationally acclaimed for his multi-media artworks, exhibitions, and performances. Free/Formal was realized in collaboration with designer Bob Faust and is Nick Cave’s first permanent transit art project.

Close-up view of perforated steel wrap on elevator towers featuring a floral pattern

Close-up view of the steel wrap on the station's elevator towers featuring a perforated floral pattern (photo Aron Gent(c)

Interior of the Garfield main stationhouse and its floral patterned mosaic ceiling

Interior of the Garfield main stationhouse and its floral patterned mosaic ceiling (photo Aron Gent(c)

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