Agenda - Committee on Finance, Audit and Budget - January 10, 2007

January 8, 2007

Wednesday, January 10, 2007
9:30 A.M.

2. Review of an ordinance to enter into a highway authority agreement with the City of Chicago
3. Review of an ordinance authorizing a third amendment to the lease for property located at 350 North Orleans, Chicago, Illinois
4. Review of an ordinance authorizing the settlement of non-residential relocation claim of a commercial business owner at 945 West Belmont Avenue, Chicago, Illinois, located adjacent to the Brown line rapid transit line as required for the Brown Line Capacity Expansion Project
5. Review of an ordinance authorizing the assignment and assumption by 108 N. State Transit, L.L.C. of the rights and obligations of 108 North State Street II, LLC, under the Mills/CTA Development Agreement dated October 15, 2005, relating to a track connection and subway station and airport check-in facility at Block 37
6. Review of purchase and/or sales award recommendations
(Items numbered 1-37)
7. Motion to adjourn





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