Additional Routes and Enhanced Features Available on CTA’s Bus Tracker Web Site Beginning Monday

July 18, 2008

Beginning Monday, July 21, 15 additional CTA bus routes will be activated on CTA's Bus Tracker web site. With these additions, customers will now be able to track estimated arrival times for buses on 67 out of 153 routes.

The dedicated CTA Bus Tracker web site (www.ctabustracker.com) provides customers with a route map with icons indicating the location and direction of each bus currently in service, an alarm feature that will alert customers when a bus is approaching their selected bus stop, as well as the arrival times at bus stops. The following routes will be available Monday:

  • #7 Harrison
  • #8 Halsted
  • #10 Museum of Science & Industry
  • #12 Roosevelt
  • #17 Westchester
  • #18 16th/18th
  • #38 Ogden/Taylor
  • #52 Kedzie/California
  • #125 Water Tower Express
  • #126 Jackson
  • #129 West Loop/South Loop
  • #146 Inner Drive/Michigan Express
  • #147 Outer Drive Express
  • #148 Clarendon/Michigan Express
  • #156 LaSalle

In addition, CTA has enhanced the web site with Google-based mapping features including:

  • Bus Icon Roll-Over Information Boxes - displays the route name and number, direction of travel, final destination and the next four estimated bus arrivals for that particular bus selected. Separate links also provide customers access to a route's schedule and the progress of all buses operating along that particular route via the Street View function.
  • Multiple Route Selection - customers may select up to five routes that can be simultaneously displayed and tracked on the Bus Tracker map. For easier identification, each route is color coded on the bus location map and also listed in the map legend at the bottom of the features.
  • Find Stop - allows customers to locate a stop along any CTA bus route activated on Bus Tracker.
  • "Stops" and "Buses" Checkboxes by selecting either of these options, customers can hide or display all bus stops and buses in operation for their selected route(s). If a customer chooses to display the bus stops along their selected routes, each location will be represented by red dots. By clicking on the red dots, customers will be informed as to when the next bus is predicted to arrive at that particular bus stop.

The CTA Bus Tracker web site is accessible from computers and web-enabled wireless devices for customers to view the arrival times of buses along a route. BlackBerry? users must have version 4.1 or higher. Personal digital assistants (PDAs) must have full Internet access capabilities through web browsers that support HyperText Markup Language (HTML) such as Internet Explorer?. Customers who use PDAs will be able to access the arrival time display only. Cell phone users should contact their wireless service providers for information on their phone's Internet capabilities.

CTA will continue to add bus routes throughout the coming months.


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