13 Additional Routes to be Activated Monday on CTA Bus Tracker Web Site

April 4, 2008

The CTA will be adding 13 bus routes to its Bus Tracker web site on Monday, April 7. Bus Tracker is a web-based program that uses global positioning system (GPS) technology and provides real-time information on bus locations and arrival times. The addition of the routes is part of CTA's continued effort to improve service reliability and customer satisfaction.

The dedicated CTA Bus Tracker web site (www.ctabustracker.com) provides customers with a route map with icons indicating the location and direction of each bus currently in service, an alarm feature that will alert customers when a bus is approaching their selected bus stop, as well as the arrival times at bus stops. In addition to the information currently available on the #20 Madison, the following routes will be available Monday:


  • #35 35th
  • #39 Pershing
  • #43 43rd
  • #49 Western
  • # X49 Western Express
  • #54B South Cicero
  • #55A 55th/Austin
  • #55N 55th/Narragansett
  • #62 Archer
  • #62H Archer/Harlem
  • #63W West 63rd
  • #94 South California
  • #165 West 65th

The CTA Bus Tracker web site is accessible from a computer and web-enabled wireless devices for customers to view the arrival times of buses along a route. BlackBerry users must have version 4.1 or higher. Personal digital assistants (PDAs) must have full Internet access capabilities through web browsers that support HyperText Markup Language (HTML) such as Internet Explorer. Customers who use PDAs will be able to access the arrival time display only. Cell phone users should contact their wireless service providers for information on their phone's Internet capabilities.

CTA plans to continually add more bus routes throughout the coming months with information on all routes available within the next year.


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