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Contract opportunities

Contract Opportunities

Bid Information is presented in three categories: Supplies, Construction and Services. If you know the type of bid solicitation you are searching, choose that category and click Search.

Note that:

  • Each solicitation available for download will include all forms required to submit a complete bid to the CTA, including DBE forms.
  • All contracting opportunities for the Chicago Transit Authority are advertised in the classified section of the Chicago Sun-Times.

E-mail notification

CTA is notifying registered vendors of new publicly advertised contracting opportunities via e-mail. The email notifications will be sent to CTA registered vendors by commodity. For vendor registration and other information please visit the CTA Vendor Registration and DBE Certification Web site at http://cta.dbesystem.com.

All vendors are encouraged to update their business contact information including their email addresses and list of commodities as all notifications will be sent electronically by e-mail. If you have questions regarding vendor registration, please contact CTA Vendor Management at ctavendormgmt@transitchicago.com. For questions about bid notifications, please contact the CTA Bid Office at (312) 681-2050.

Additional information


Category Solicitation Number Title Due Date:
Services C18FR102187997 Fire Alarm Installation and Upgrade at West Shops, 77th Street Garage and South Shops. (REVISED) 10/26/2018 02:00 PM
Construction C18FR102219376 Request for Proposals (RFP) for O'Hare Line-Logan Square Station Repairs. (REVISED) 10/23/2018 03:30 PM
Services C18FT102152477R Furnish, Deliver and Install a Five Spindle Hub Machine 10/18/2018 02:00 PM
Services B18OP04363 Cleaning and Repair Service for Rail Car Pre-Filters. (REVISED) 10/31/2018 02:00 PM
Services B18OP03708 Request for Proposals (RFP) for Leasing of Automobiles and Light Duty Trucks (REVISED) 10/26/2018 03:30 PM
Supplies B18OP01060 Provide Repair Parts and Service to Various Brands of Hot Water High Pressure Water Equipment 10/26/2018 02:00 PM
Supplies C18FT102198198 Furnish and Deliver Two Hundred Fifty-Seven (257) Part Kits to Overhaul the 5000 Series Rail Cars (REVISED) 10/29/2018 02:00 PM
Supplies C18FT102196095R Furnish and Deliver 20,000 Non-Fabric Seat Inserts for the 5000 Series Rail Cars 10/29/2018 02:00 PM
Supplies C18FT102197127 Furnish and Deliver Two (2) Brake Lathe Machines. 11/01/2018 02:00 PM
Construction C18RT102217467 5323 North Kedzie Avenue Building Demolition and Site Restoration 11/20/2018 02:00 PM
Services B18OP04034R Service to PickUp from CTA Bus Garages, Scan and Archive to CDROM or DVD Media CTA's Bus Operator Daily Reports 10/30/2018 02:00 PM
Supplies B18OP04553 Purchase of Substation and Gate-House Batteries 11/06/2018 02:00 PM