Weekday Service Changes


Jan 26 - 30


Rail Lines

Jan 26 - 29
Mon to Thu, nightly
10:30pm to 4:30am next day

Boarding Change, Delays Between Grand and Cermak-Chinatown

How does this affect my trip?
Board/exit all trains on the Howard-bound side of the platform at the Lake, Monroe, Jackson, Harrison, and Roosevelt stations.

Trains in both directions will operate on the same track between Grand and Cermak-Chinatown, resulting in minor delays.

Allow extra travel time.

Why is service being changed?
We are performing maintenance work to ensure that trains continue to operate safely along the Red Line.


Bus Routes

The bus reroutes listed below are short-term reroutes during this weekend or long-term reroutes beginning this weekend. For a full list of bus reroutes currently in place, please visit the
Bus Alerts page.
#8 Halsted Temporary Reroute

Thu, Jan 29
8am to 9am or completion

How does this affect my trip?
Buses will operate in both directions via Halsted, Armitage, Larrabee, Webster, and Halsted.

Allow extra travel time.

Why is service being changed?
Buses are rerouted due to a helicopter lift on Halsted between Armitage and Wisconsin. 
Temporary Bus Stop Relocation
 #J14 Jeffery Jump
#19 United Center Express
#20 Madison
#56 Milwaukee
#60 Blue Island/26th
#124 Navy Pier
#157 Streeterville/Taylor

5am, Mon, Jan 26 to Mon, Mar 23 or completion

How does this affect my trip?
The westbound bus stop on the northwest corner at Madison/Wells will be temporarily relocated to the northeast corner at Madison/Franklin.

Please board westbound #J14 Jeffery Jump, #19 United Center Express, #20 Madison, #60 Blue Island/26th, #124 Navy Pier, and #157 Streeterville/Taylor and northbound #56 Milwaukee buses one-half block west at Madison/Franklin. 

Why is service being changed?
The bus stop will be temporarily relocated due to construction. 

#63 63rd Temporary Reroute

6am, Mon, Jan 26 to 6am, Sat, Oct 31 or completion

How does this affect my trip?
buses will operate via 63rd, Stewart, 65th, and Wentworth, then resume their normal route on 63rd.

Westbound buses will operate via 63rd, Wentworth, 59th, and Yale, then resume their normal route on 63rd.

Allow extra travel time.

Why is service being changed?
Buses are rerouted due to bridge reconstruction on 63rd over the Dan Ryan expressway.


The customer alerts listed here are based on the latest information known as of the time of publishing. This information is subject to change without notice. While we work to provide information as accurate and reliable as possible, changes, additions, and cancellations are sometimes necessary.

For the latest information, including any changes to the information above or information about unplanned events that affect service, please check the Alerts section of the CTA website or see information pertaining to your route in our System Guide.

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