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CTA Updates brings you information about CTA to your e-mail inbox or phone. You can sign up for any of the following:

  • Planned service changes
    Get a weekly e-mail outlining upcoming events that affect service, like track work, bus reroutes, new schedules or route changes for service on weekdays, weekends or both.
  • Incidents affecting service
    Get an e-mail or text message when the unexpected affects service on your route. Staff in our Control Center post alerts when your bus is rerouted or delays affect service*. Sign up by route and time of day.
  • "@ the CTA" Newsletter
    Periodically get CTA news and information about agency initiatives in this e-mail newsletter.


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You can sign up for either e-mail or text message using this service, per account. If you’d like a combination of both text and e-mails (or some of each, based on your preferences), you’ll need to sign up using an e-mail address and mobile number as separate accounts. You can always unsubscribe or change your preferences by going to Manage subscription.

*How incidents affecting service are updated throughout the week
Our Control Center is staffed with people who can publish emergency alerts from early mornings through late evenings, daily; this service is not available during overnight hours. Alerts are posted once reports come in and there’s helpful information to give, and details may change over time.


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