Ravenswood Connector Slow Zone Elim.

Ravenswood Connector Slow Zone Elimination Work

In September 2013, we began major improvement work on the Ravenswood Connector, the elevated part of the 'L' between Armitage and the Loop, currently used by Brown Line and Purple Line Express service.

Building a New ChicagoThis part of the 'L' was originally built in the late 19th Century as part of a new 'L' line from the Loop to Wilson. Service began over this structure in 1900.

The rehabilitation project is a $71.2 million investment that will result in faster, safer and more reliable service on a key segment of the Brown and Purple Lines used by about 700 trains on a typical weekday. The work will eliminate over two miles of slow zones where trains slow to as little as 15 m.p.h. to ensure safe operation.

What work is being done?

Structural work underway includes the repair and replacement of components on the steel structure between the Armitage and Merchandise Mart elevated stations will happen between the Armitage and Merchandise Mart stations.

Following infrastructure work, track renewal work will be completed. Initial track work began in late 2014.

What's included in the work?

The work included in this project will be:

  • Repair and replacement of well over a thousand steel, structural components
  • Replacement of deteriorated rail ties
  • Replacement and repair of track components

What will the impact on customers be?

In addition to regular maintenance that typically might affect service, Brown Line riders can expect delays and boarding changes as a result of "single track operation" (where trains, in both directions, must share a single track) during off-peak hours, including during the day on weekends.

See the Brown Line page for current and upcoming service alerts, or subscribe to CTA Updates to have advance notice of work e-mailed to you.

Purple Line Express service should not be affected, as it only operates during rush hours, and work will not occur during rush hours.

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