Chicago Pride Parade Info

2013 Chicago Pride Parade Information

The 44th Annual Chicago Pride Parade takes place on Sunday, June 30, starting at noon. An updated parade route (first implemented last year) presents new places from where you can enjoy the parade, access to the parade from a greater number of train stations (including Wilson and Sheridan), and a different set of street closures/bus reroutes that you may need to be aware of, as opposed to previous years.

NOTE: Please fold strollers and carts; they must be folded before boarding buses and trains on Sunday, June 30.

Also, bicycles will also not be allowed on 'L' trains all day. (Bicycles will, however, continue to be allowed on all buses, at all times, using the racks on the front of the bus.)

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Tip: Buy your fares in advance

Avoid long lines at vending machines at stations near the parade and buy your fares in advance. Fill up your card with enough fare for your trip back home at the start of your trip so you can go straight to a bus or train, afterward.

Vending machines are available at every 'L' station, and many have Express Vending Machines that accept credit cards. You can also buy pre-loaded cards and passes at scores of retail locations around town.


Parade route map

The new parade route begins at Montrose/Broadway, at noon, and follows Broadway south to where it meets with Halsted, continuing on Halsted south to Belmont, on Belmont east to Broadway, on Broadway south to Clark/Diversey and on Diversey east to Cannon (in Lincoln Park), where the parade disperses.

Additionally, for the queuing up of floats, Montrose will be affected between Clark and Broadway, Sheridan between Montrose and Sunnyside and Broadway between Montrose to Wilson.

Pride Parade Map

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How do I get to the parade?

With the new parade routing, which was first implemented in 2012, you can access the parade from more CTA stations than before, now including Wilson and Sheridan! The Red and Brown Lines provide the closest service to the parade route with fast, frequent service.

From the Red Line, Wilson, Sheridan, Addison or Belmont all provide access via a short walk to the parade route.

From the Brown Line, Diversey, Wellington and Belmont are the nearest stations to the parade.

Lakefront bus routes, including the #146 and #151, provide convenient access from the north, the Gold Coast/North Michigan Avenue and downtown, to the areas east of the parade route.

Please note that the Belmont station (and the surrounding area) tends to become the most crowded, so we encourage you to consider enjoying the parade from other parts of the route, including areas toward the start of the route, such as on Broadway, south of Montrose—areas served by the nearby Wilson & Sheridan stations on the Red Line. Free transfer is available between Brown and Red Line trains.


Note for people coming to the event via the Loop 'L':

Planned construction work on the Loop 'L' will affect normal service on downtown elevated lines. Pink, Orange and Brown Line trains will be rerouted, and use only the Lake and Wabash sides of the Loop 'L' in both directions, all weekend.

Commuter station connection tips:

  • People arriving from Union Station can walk to the Red Line subway on State Street at Jackson or the Brown Line at Adams/Wabash (both about 15 minutes), take a local bus east on Jackson to the Red or Brown Lines, or walk to the Blue Line at Clinton (under the I-290 viaduct) and use the Blue Line to get to the Red or Brown Lines.
  • People arriving from the Ogilvie Transportation Center can walk to Clark/Lake (about a 10-minute walk) or use Green and Pink Line service from Clinton (at Lake St) one stop to Clark/Lake for transfer to Brown Line trains.
  • People arriving from the LaSalle Metra Station can walk to the Red Line subway on State Street (closest entry is on block between Jackson and Van Buren) or to the Brown Line at Adams/Wabash, or use the Blue Line from LaSalle to get to the Red or Brown Lines.

Green Line service on the Loop and Red and Blue Line subway services are not affected.

Read the full Customer Alert for details, including a map showing downtown 'L' service during the reroutes.


Will you provide extra service?

Yes—we'll be providing extra service on the 'L' to accommodate the large numbers of people who attend the parade every year, including the following:

  • Brown Orange Lines: Longer trains will operate from 8am until 9pm. Trains will operate every 8-10 minutes from 8am until 5pm.
  • Red Line: From 8am until 7pm, trains will operate approximately every 5 minutes.

If possible, we encourage you to take advantage of train service due to increased local traffic near the parade route and a number of bus reroutes around it.


What buses will be rerouted due to the parade?

The following bus routes will be rerouted:

Complete details will be available on these routes' pages within a few days of the parade; follow links in the above list to see detailed alerts.

Note that this list may change and additional bus routes may be affected/rerouted, and heavy traffic around the parade may slow travel even where buses are not rerouted. Check alerts for your intended route before you leave, allow extra travel time and we encourage you to take trains to/from the area, where possible.


How can I get from one side of the parade route to the other?

This new routing also provides places where police officers will be available to help pedestrians cross from one side of the parade route to the other. These designated crossing locations are at the following streets that cross the parade route:

  1. Montrose
  2. Irving Park
  3. Grace
  4. Addison
  5. Roscoe
  6. Wellington


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