• Your New Blue: Work has begun as part of a 4-year, $492 million project to improve Blue Line stations & infrastructure between O'Hare and Clinton.
  • Introducing Ventra: A convenient new way to access and pay for transit. Learn more...
  • What's one thing Sox and Cubs fans have in common? The Red Line. Take the Red Line to Sox-35th for Sox games, or to Addison for Cubs Games.
  • We've released new details about our plans to reconstruct the Wilson Red Line station, an Environmental Assessment and we're holding a Public Hearing.
  • Get social. Connect with the CTA via social media--follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, send us feedback and more!
  • A Vision for Bus Rapid Transit on Ashland: We've announced a vision for providing faster, more reliable ubs service on Ashland, including dedicated bus lanes and median stations. Learn more...
  • You can live without it for a few minutes: If you drop your phone on the tracks, don't jump down to get it. Inform a CTA employee, who will help you. It's not worth your life. Stay off the tracks. See our new safety campaign here.

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