#31 31st Pilot

#31 31st Bus Route Pilot

Beginning in September 2016, we began piloting new bus service along the #31 31st route to improve east-west transit connections along the eastern portion of the 31st Street corridor.

What's new?

The #31 pilot was extended by the Chicago Transit Board, with service continuing through June 2018.

About the pilot

This experimental service enhancement, which was approved during the May 2016 Chicago Transit Board meeting, is the latest in a series of recent bus service improvements made by CTA President Dorval R. Carter Jr. – all of which are part of his goal to improve bus service citywide.

We’ve worked closely with local alderman and community leaders throughout the development of the pilot, which was designed to best meet the needs and feedback received from the community.

During the pilot, we’ll be collecting ridership data and feedback solicited from riders and the surrounding community to help analyze the effectiveness of the service being tested. At the conclusion of the pilot, CTA personnel will present their findings to the Board along with a recommendation on whether there is sufficient ridership demand to conclude the pilot, extend it or make the service enhancement permanent.

Pilot route details

Service along the #31 route is operating on the following schedule:

Weekdays (Mon–Fri)
approximately 10 am to 7 pm – every 30 minutes
Full timetable

Service is being provided between the Ashland Orange Line station and the Lake Meadows Shopping Center (33rd Place/King Drive) via 31st Street.

This new route offers improved transit connections, with service stops at the 35th Street Red and Green line stations.

Route map

A map shows the pilot route of the #31 31st bus from the Archer Orange Line station to Lake Meadows Shopping Center via Ashland, Archer, 31st, Wentworth, 35th (with connections to Red and Green Line 'L' services), State, 31st to 33rd/Rhodes, and the same in reverse except via Federal from 35th back to 31st after connecting to Red Line.

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