Red Line train at Wilson station

Right-of-way intrusion detection

How can CTA automatically detect people or large objects on the tracks to enable swift intervention?

Right-of-Way (ROW) intrusion, defined as a person or object entering or occupying rail track, is a serious safety concern for the CTA and its riders. We are seeking innovative solutions to detect and respond to ROW intrusion in real-time to prevent and minimize service delays to ensure a safe commute for everyone. The solution should produce alerts both at the local (station) level and at the 24/7 staffed CTA Control Center to improve safety by enabling timely intervention.

Possible technologies include, but are not limited to:

  • Cameras
  • Track level sensors

The proposed solution should function on above ground, street level (at grade), and underground stations. Selected innovators should expect their proposal to be piloted at 2-3 stations to test these varying conditions. The solution should have low latency, process information on the edge, run continuously without disruption as CTA operates 24/7 service on certain lines, and needs to function during high congestion periods like rush hour and in all weather conditions. Solutions that can be expanded beyond ROW intrusion to other use cases like platform crowding are encouraged.

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Important Dates

  • March 18th  -  Information Session
  • April 1st - Questions Due
  • April 15th - Applications Due
  • First week of June – Phase 2 Presentations