Photo: An elevator and the top of an escalator

Elevators & Escalators

On our rail system and its 145 stations, we have hundreds of elevators and escalators available for your access and convenience.

Learn more about them at the following pages:

  • Safety Tips
    Find important safety tips for when using our escalators and elevators.
  • About Elevator & Escalator Upgrade Work
    Escalators & elevators are custom-made machines with lots of moving parts and need periodic refurbishment or reconditioning to keep them in good, safe, reliable shape. Learn more about what we do.



A note about escalators when turned off...

Because safety is always our No. 1 priority, occasionally we need to temporarily shut down escalators before, during and after major events near a station—such as concerts and sporting events. The temporary shutdowns are the safest way to manage large crowds heading into and out of stations. During baseball homestands, the escalators are turned off for the entire homestand. The reason is that the process of shutting down the escalators is a lengthy one that requires a significant amount of work—not just simply shutting down power, but partially disassembling the escalator to secure the drive mechanism. This makes it impractical and costly to turn on/off before and after each game of a series.