Trip Planners

Trip Planners

You've got several options for planning a trips on transit throughout the Chicago area, including online trip planners, mobile device applications*, and by telephone.

Google Transit (image showing routing)Google Transit

You can get transit and walking directions from Google Transit, a part of Google Maps.

Plan your trip on the Web at

Note: Provides directions for CTA (city buses and trains) and Metra (regional commuter rail). Use goroo (see below) for trips that include Pace (suburban bus).

More info:
Introduction to Google Transit for Chicago
Learn about all your options for planning transit trips in Google Maps
Install Google Maps software on your mobile phone*



goroo (snapshot of results listing)RTA Trip Planner
With the RTA's multi-modal trip planner, you can plan your trip faster, better and more accurately than ever before.

Find schedules, fares and other pertinent information for the CTA, Metra, Pace and more! Goroo can also help you customize your trip to use only accessible services, choose between bus, train, and multimodal trips.

Plan your trip on the Web at (Also: Advanced options)


(312) 836-7000

RTA Travel Information Center
You can get travel information from the RTA Travel Information Center by calling (312) 836-7000.


  • The center is open from 6am to 7pm, every day.
  • For faster service, be ready to give your starting point and destination and the day and time at which you wish to travel.
  • For RTA Travel Information via TTY, call (312) 836-4949.

*For mobile browsing, or application or data usage, mobile carrier charges may apply.

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About trip planners (and more options)..

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