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Policies & Practices

Policies and Practices

To maintain a safe and pleasant environment for everyone, the CTA has some basic rules governing behavior on our buses and trains, as well as in CTA facilities (such as train stations and at bus turnarounds, terminals and stops).

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Prohibited activities

Per CTA Ordinance #016-110 identifies activities that are not allowed on property owned, operated or maintained by the CTA.

Additionally, please do not:

Violating any of these prohibitions may be subject to arrest or immediate removal from CTA property, fines, community service, court supervision and/or an order for restitution.

See our Rules of Conduct page for full details.

Note: Additional rules not listed in this ordinance may be established by CTA or the Chicago Transit Board and enforced by CTA employees and local police. Please follow instructions given by CTA or law enforcement personnel. Non-compliance may also result in removal from CTA property or arrest.



Service animals (animals that provide assistance to people with disabilities) are permitted on CTA at all times.

Only small pets in protective carriers are allowed on CTA buses and trains. Carriers cannot take up seats, seating areas or obstruct pathways on buses, trains or in stations and must be able to be carried on by a single person.

To ensure the comfort of others, animals in carriers need to behave in such a way that does not disturb others.

CTA reserves the right to remove from CTA vehicles or property any animals (including service animals) which act aggressively or pose a direct threat to others.


Children in strollers

Children in open strollers are welcome on CTA, however we encourage parents to be considerate of other customers and adhere to these rules when traveling with a stroller.

Keep strollers clear of aisles and doorways aboard buses and trains.

Seniors and customers with disabilities have priority use of the Priority Seating area aboard buses and trains. If these seats are not in use, open strollers may be parked in this area. This will help you to avoid blocking the aisle. Please yield this space if a customer with disabilities, a senior, or a person using a mobility device wishes to board. On buses, you may request use of the access ramp or lift to help you board and exit.

Please fold your stroller in the event that a bus or train becomes crowded, in order to make room for others. Be aware that in the event that a bus or train is crowded, a CTA employee may ask you to fold your stroller or wait for another vehicle. Please follow their instructions. Also, during certain periods of high ridership, we may require that all strollers be folded before you board.

Children in an open stroller should be seated and secured in the stroller before boarding the bus or train.

Note that strollers are never allowed on escalators. If traveling with an open stroller in a multi-level facility, please use elevators or ramps where available. On train station platforms, position your stroller parallel to the platform edge (not facing it), use wheel locks/brakes and stay with it at all times.



In general, simple personal (non-commercial) photography and video recording are permitted on CTA property and vehicles. Use of ancillary equipment, such as a tripod, or taking pictures or video of non-public areas of CTA property are not permitted.

We've put together a Photography & Video Policy page to explain the policy in some detail. It also provides some helpful tips. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the policy.


Being a good neighbor on transit

You can help make sure everyone has a safe and pleasant trip on the CTA.

Here are some tips to help you be a good neighbor on transit:


Help us keep service moving and on-time. Please:

Thank you!

Following these rules and recommendations (as well as instructions from CTA employees while using our services) helps to make CTA more enjoyable for everyone! Thank you for your cooperation.



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