Holiday Train on the Red Line

Allstate CTA Holiday Train schedule

Saturday, December 21, 2019

Red Purple lines

The Allstate CTA Holiday Train will operate via two trips on the Red Line (one each way) from about 12:15pm to about 4:15pm, and two trips on the Purple Line (one each way) from about 4:15pm to 6:45pm. Check the detailed schedule below for complete details.

  • The train will begin by making one trip from Howard to 95th.
  • One trip from 95th to Howard as a Red Line train, then continue to Linden as a Purple Line shuttle train.
  • Final trip will be from Linden to Howard as a Purple Line shuttle train.

See Red Line Route Guide and Purple Line Route Guide for more on regular service and route information.

Photos with Santa

Get your photo taken with Santa at Linden (Purple Line), Howard (Red Line) and 95th/Dan Ryan (Red Line) on this day.

  • Purple Line at Linden: 4:45pm–5:45pm
  • Red Line at Howard: 11:15am-noon
  • Red Line at 95th/Dan Ryan: 1:45pm-2:30pm  

Detailed schedule

All times are in the afternoon (p.m.).

Red Line toward 95th/Dan Ryan 

Red Line service to 95th/Dan Ryan
accessible stationHoward (departs) 12:16
Jarvis 12:17
Morse 12:19
accessible stationLoyola 12:21
accessible stationGranville 12:23
Thorndale 12:25
Bryn Mawr 12:26
Berwyn 12:28
Argyle 12:29
Lawrence 12:31
accessible stationWilson 12:32
Sheridan 12:34
accessible stationAddison 12:37
accessible stationBelmont 12:39
accessible stationFullerton 12:42
North/Clybourn 12:44
accessible stationClark/Division 12:46
accessible stationChicago 12:48
accessible stationGrand 12:50
accessible stationLake 12:52
Monroe 12:54
accessible stationJackson 12:55
Harrison 12:57
accessible stationRoosevelt 1:01
accessible stationCermak-Chinatown 1:03
accessible stationSox-35th 1:06
accessible station47th 1:09
accessible stationGarfield 1:12
accessible station63rd 1:14
accessible station69th 1:17
accessible station79th 1:20
accessible station87th 1:23
accessible station95th/Dan Ryan 1:26

Service on Red Line toward Howard, Purple Line toward Linden

Red Line service to Howard
accessible station95th/Dan Ryan 3:01
accessible station87th 3:04
accessible station79th 3:07
accessible station69th 3:10
accessible station63rd 3:13
accessible stationGarfield 3:16
accessible station47th 3:19
accessible stationSox-35th 3:23
accessible stationCermak-Chinatown 3:26
accessible stationRoosevelt 3:29
Harrison 3:31
accessible stationJackson 3:32
Monroe 3:33
accessible stationLake 3:34
accessible stationGrand 3:36
accessible stationChicago 3:38
accessible stationClark/Division 3:40
North/Clybourn 3:42
accessible stationFullerton 3:45
accessible stationBelmont 3:49
accessible stationAddison 3:51
Sheridan 3:53
accessible stationWilson 3:56
Lawrence 3:57
Argyle 3:59
Berwyn 4:01
Bryn Mawr 4:02
Thorndale 4:04
accessible stationGranville 4:06
accessible stationLoyola 4:07
Morse 4:09
Jarvis 4:11
accessible stationHoward (arrives) 4:12
Purple Line shuttle service to Linden
accessible stationHoward (departs) 4:16
South Boulevard 4:18
Main 4:20
Dempster 4:22
accessible stationDavis 4:24
Foster 4:26
Noyes 4:28
Central 4:30
accessible stationLinden 4:32

Service on Purple Line toward Howard

Purple Line shuttle service to Howard
accessible stationLinden 6:31
Central 6:33
Noyes 6:35
Foster 6:37
accessible stationDavis 6:39
Dempster 6:41
Main 6:43
South Boulevard 6:45
accessible stationHoward (arrives) 6:47
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