Holiday Train at Midway

Allstate CTA Holiday Train schedule

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

GreenOrange lines

The Allstate CTA Holiday Train will operate on the Green Line and Orange Line from about 4pm to about 8pm.

  • The train will make one trip from Midway to Harlem/Lake, via downtown.
  • The train will make one trip from Harlem/Lake to Ashland/63rd.
  • The train will make one trip from Ashland/63rd to Midway, via downtown Loop.

See Green Line route guide and Orange Line route guide for more on regular service and route information.



Detailed schedule

All times are in the afternoon (p.m.)

Service on Orange & Green lines from Midway to Harlem/Lake

As Orange Line train toward Loop (thru Halsted, only)
accessible stationMidway 4:01
accessible stationPulaski 4:05
accessible stationKedzie 4:18
accessible stationWestern 4:11
accessible station35th/Archer 4:14
accessible stationAshland 4:17
accessible stationHalsted 4:20
As Green Line train to Harlem/Lake
accessible stationRoosevelt 4:25
Adams/Wabash 4:29
Washingtonaccessible station/Wabash 4:33
State/Lake 4:35
accessible stationClark/Lake 4:37
accessible stationClinton 4:40
accessible stationMorgan 4:42
accessible stationAshland 4:44
accessible stationCalifornia 4:46
accessible stationKedzie 4:48
accessible stationConservatory-Central Park Drive 4:50
accessible stationPulaski 4:52
accessible stationCicero 4:54
accessible stationLaramie 4:56
accessible stationCentral 4:58
Austin 5:00
Ridgeland 5:02
Oak Park 5:04
accessible stationHarlem/Lake 5:06


Service on Green Line from Harlem/Lake to Ashland/63rd

As Green Line train to Ashland/63rd
accessible stationHarlem/Lake 5:31
Oak Park 5:33
Ridgeland 5:35
Austin 5:37
accessible stationCentral 5:39
accessible stationLaramie 5:41
accessible stationCicero 5:43
accessible stationPulaski 5:46
accessible stationConservatory-Central Park Drive 5:48
accessible stationKedzie 5:50
accessible stationCalifornia 5:52
accessible stationAshland 5:55
accessible stationMorgan 5:56
accessible stationClinton 5:58
accessible stationClark/Lake 6:01
State/Lake 6:03
accessible stationWashington/Wabash 6:05
Adams/Wabash 6:09
accessible stationRoosevelt 6:12
accessible stationCermak-McCormick Place 6:14
accessible station35th-Bronzeville-IIT 6:16
accessible stationIndiana 6:19
accessible station43rd 6:21
accessible station47th 6:23
accessible station51st 6:25
accessible stationGarfield 6:27
accessible stationHalsted 6:33
accessible stationAshland/63rd 6:36


Service on Green & Orange lines from Ashland/63rd to Midway via Loop

As Green Line train toward Harlem/Lake (thru Cermak-McCormick Pl., only)
accessible stationAshland/63rd 7:06
accessible stationHalsted 7:09
accessible stationGarfield 7:16
accessible station51st 7:18
accessible station47th 7:20
accessible station43rd 7:22
accessible stationIndiana 7:24
accessible station35th-Bronzeville-IIT 7:27
accessible stationCermak-McCormick Place 7:29
As Orange Line train to Loop, then Midway
accessible stationRoosevelt 7:31
accessible stationHarold Washington Library-State/Van Buren 7:35
LaSalle/Van Buren 7:36
Quincy 7:38
accessible stationWashington/Wells 7:40
accessible stationClark/Lake 7:42
State/Lake 7:44
accessible stationWashington/Wabash 7:46
Adams/Wabash 7:50
accessible stationRoosevelt 7:54
accessible stationHalsted 7:57
accessible stationAshland 7:59
accessible station35th/Archer 8:02
accessible stationWestern 8:05
accessible stationKedzie 8:07
accessible stationPulaski 8:10
accessible stationMidway 8:14


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