Holiday Train interior detail

Allstate CTA Holiday Train schedule

Friday, December 21, 2018

 Yellow Line  Skokie Swift Bird

The Allstate CTA Holiday Train will operate on the Yellow Line from approximately 3:00 pm to approximately 7:20 pm. Normal service will operate on the Yellow Line for the rest of the day (see Yellow Line Route Guide for the regular schedule).

Transfer is available at Howard between Red, Purple and Yellow Line trains.

Detailed schedule

All times are in the afternoon (pm).

Service from Howard to Dempster-Skokie

To Dempster-Skokie accessible Departure Time
accessibleleaving Howard 3:06 (first Holiday Train)
accessibleleaving Howard 3:16
accessibleleaving Howard 3:26

then, every
minutes until

accessibleleaving Howard 6:46
accessibleleaving Howard 6:56
accessibleleaving Howard 7:06 (last Holiday Train)

Service from Dempster-Skokie to Howard

To Howard accessible Departure Time
accessibleleaving Dempster-Skokie 3:22 (first Holiday Train)
accessibleleaving Dempster-Skokie 3:32
accessibleleaving Dempster-Skokie 3:42

then, every
minutes until

accessibleleaving Dempster-Skokie 7:02
accessibleleaving Dempster-Skokie 7:12
accessibleleaving Dempster-Skokie 7:22 (last Holiday Train)