CTA employee scrubbing high-touch surfaces of a rail station with disinfectant


Our No. 1 focus throughout the pandemic has been on providing the cleanest travel environment possible for you. We already have one of the most rigorous cleaning regimens of any U.S. transit agency and we remain committed to looking for new ways to make it even stronger. 

Learn more about how we're keeping our stations clean and disinfected:


Daily cleaning

Each rail station is cleaned and disinfected multiple times throughout the day. Employees are tasked with focusing on disinfecting high-touch surfaces such as:

  • Door handles 
  • Handrails  (e.g. stairways, elevators, benches)
  • Customer assistance buttons
  • Passenger intercom units
  • Ventra vending machines
  • Faregates 
  • Turnstiles and rotogates
  • Elevator buttons

CTA workers disinfecting high-touch surfaces throughout rail stations multiple times a day.


Deep cleaning

Complementing our enhanced daily station cleaning measures, we’ve also introduced new mobile cleaning SWAT teams to help take our cleaning efforts one step further.

Ten teams (of 4-5 members) are deployed throughout the rail system to power wash station surfaces (e.g. platforms, station floors and walls). Work is performed during the overnight hours to limit the impact on our riders. Each week, 50-75 rail stations are cleaned by our mobile cleaning SWAT teams.

Mobile SWAT cleaning team scrubs and disinfects mezzanine surfaces at Kimball terminal

Mobile SWAT cleaning team scrubs and disinfects high-touch surfaces of the Kimball platform area