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High School Co-op Program

The Co-Op Experience at CTA

A Co-op with CTA offers High School students (Juniors/Seniors) the ability to earn professional credentials for their lives beyond the classroom by providing hands-on training and exposure to the career world. Students are exposed to a variety of options available to suit a wide range of goals which includes career clarity, enhanced employability, vocational maturity, and early access to technical training and new technology. It also gives students the ability to earn money to help support their college education.

Students are guided by experts who can help them acquire the skills, knowledge, and experience needed to perform while emphasizing on-the-job- training, globalization, and the demands for accountability.

Student participants perform a plethora of administrative tasks, special projects, and assignments that support activities based on the needs and goals of their department and the CTA.

Eligibility Requirements

Students interested in participating should be a junior or senior enrolled in the Urban Alliance High School Internship program or attend one of the following schools:

  • Glenwood Academy
  • Amandla Charter School 
  • Oak Park-River Forest high school

Application Process

Students enrolled in one of the above programs or schools should contact the program director or their school counselor for more information.




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