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Posted Bus Stop List: Route #X4

As of: 07/19/2023

Stop ID#

Stop name

Direction of travel
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Special notes

762935th Street & Cottage GroveWestboundNorthside of the Street
253535th Street & Cottage GroveEastboundSouthwest Corner
1552035th Street & IndianaEastboundSoutheast Corner
252835th Street & King DriveWestboundNortheast Corner
253335th Street & King DriveEastboundSoutheast Corner
1865375th Street & Cottage GroveEastboundSoutheast CornerTemporary Stop
1775495th Street & King DriveWestboundNorthwest Corner
226495th Street & King DriveEastboundSoutheast Corner
1863095th Street & MichiganSouthboundSouthwest Corner
2530Columbus & RandolphNorthboundNortheast Corner
2515Cottage Grove & 43rd StreetNorthboundSoutheast Corner
17242Cottage Grove & 43rd StreetSouthboundSouthwest Corner
14574Cottage Grove & 47th StreetNorthboundNortheast Corner
2549Cottage Grove & 47th StreetSouthboundNorthwest Corner
2507Cottage Grove & 51st StreetNorthboundNortheast Corner
2553Cottage Grove & 51st StreetSouthboundNorthwest Corner
15148Cottage Grove & 55th StreetNorthboundNortheast Corner
2558Cottage Grove & 55th StreetSouthboundNorthwest Corner
2499Cottage Grove & 58th StreetNorthboundSoutheast Corner
2561Cottage Grove & 58th StreetSouthboundWestside of the Street
2564Cottage Grove & 61st StreetSouthboundNorthwest Corner
2496Cottage Grove & 61st StreetNorthboundSoutheast Corner
17572Cottage Grove & 63rd Street (Green Line)NorthboundNortheast Corner
2566Cottage Grove & 63rd Street (Green Line)SouthboundNorthwest Corner
18005Cottage Grove & 67th StreetNorthboundNortheast Corner
17967Cottage Grove & 67th StreetSouthboundSouthwest Corner
14573Cottage Grove & 71st Street/South ChicagoNorthboundNortheast Corner
2574Cottage Grove & 71st Street/South ChicagoSouthboundNorthwest CornerTemporarily out of service
14572Cottage Grove & 75th StreetNorthboundNortheast CornerTemporarily out of service
2578Cottage Grove & 75th StreetSouthboundNorthwest CornerTemporarily out of service
18655Cottage Grove & 75th StreetSouthboundSouthwest CornerTemporary Stop
2478Cottage Grove & 79th StreetNorthboundSoutheast Corner
2582Cottage Grove & 79th StreetSouthboundSouthwest Corner
2474Cottage Grove & 83rd StreetNorthboundSoutheast Corner
17104Cottage Grove & 83rd StreetSouthboundSouthwest Corner
2590Cottage Grove & 87th StreetSouthboundNorthwest Corner
2470Cottage Grove & 87th StreetNorthboundSoutheast Corner
2466Cottage Grove & 91st StreetNorthboundSoutheast Corner
15252Cottage Grove & 91st StreetSouthboundSouthwest Corner
2462Cottage Grove & 95th StreetNorthboundNortheast Corner
2598Cottage Grove & BurnsideSouthboundNorthwest Corner
2520Cottage Grove & PershingNorthboundNortheast Corner
2539Cottage Grove & PershingSouthboundNorthwest Corner
18654GREENWOOD & 75TH STREETSouthboundNorthwest CornerTemporary Stop
1563Indiana & 31st StreetNorthboundSoutheast Corner
15314Indiana & 35th StreetNorthboundNortheast Corner
1581Michigan & 11th StreetNorthboundEastside of the Street
1590Michigan & 11th StreetSouthboundSouthwest Corner
14760Michigan & 16th StreetNorthboundNortheast Corner
1595Michigan & 16th StreetSouthboundSouthwest Corner
1567Michigan & 26th StreetNorthboundNortheast Corner
1603Michigan & 26th StreetSouthboundSouthwest Corner
1607Michigan & 31st StreetSouthboundSouthwest Corner
1583Michigan & 8th StreetNorthboundEastside of the Street
1588Michigan & 8th StreetSouthboundNorthwest Corner
7531Michigan & 98th StreetSouthboundNorthwest Corner
1582Michigan & 9th StreetNorthboundEastside of the Street
1589Michigan & 9th StreetSouthboundSouthwest Corner
1584Michigan & BalboNorthboundNortheast Corner
1587Michigan & BalboSouthboundNorthwest Corner
15312Michigan & CermakNorthboundNortheast Corner
1599Michigan & CermakSouthboundSouthwest Corner
1586Michigan & HarrisonSouthboundNorthwest Corner
14485Michigan & Ida B Wells DriveNorthboundSoutheast Corner
1110Michigan & JacksonSouthboundNorthwest Corner
76Michigan & JacksonNorthboundSoutheast Corner
1105Michigan & Lake/RandolphSouthboundWestside of the Street
2188Michigan & MadisonNorthboundEastside of the Street
15241Michigan & MonroeNorthboundSoutheast Corner
18396Michigan & MonroeSouthboundSouthwest Corner
1580Michigan & RooseveltNorthboundNortheast Corner
1591Michigan & RooseveltSouthboundSouthwest Corner
1104Michigan & South WaterSouthboundNorthwest Corner
73Michigan & Van Buren/Ida B. WellsSouthboundWestside of the Street
1106Michigan & WashingtonSouthboundNorthwest Corner
14482Randolph & MichiganEastboundSoutheast Corner
7226South Chicago & 71st Street/Cottage GroveSoutheastboundSouthwest CornerTemporary Stop
7398South Chicago & 75th Street/WoodlawnNorthwestboundNortheast CornerTemporary Stop
15999State & 95th StreetNorthboundSoutheast Corner
14222Wacker (Upper) & ColumbusWestboundNorthside of the Street
14224Wacker (Upper) & StetsonWestboundNorthside of the Street