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Posted Bus Stop List: Route #84

As of: 07/19/2023

Stop ID#

Stop name

Direction of travel
from the stop


Special notes

114832100 W PetersonWestboundNorthside of the Street
115003800 W PetersonWestboundNorthside of the Street
114413800 W PetersonEastboundSouthside of the Street
115034300 W PetersonWestboundNorthside of the Street
114384300 W PetersonEastboundSouthside of the Street
8614Broadway & HollywoodSouthboundNorthwest CornerTemporary Stop
18300Broadway & ThorndaleSouthboundSouthwest CornerTemporary Stop
5336Broadway & VictoriaSouthboundNorthwest CornerTemporary Stop
11471Bryn Mawr & SheridanWestboundNorthwest CornerTemporarily out of service
11470Bryn Mawr & SheridanEastboundSouthwest CornerTemporarily out of service
11473Bryn Mawr Red Line StationWestboundNorthwest CornerTemporarily out of service
11468Bryn Mawr Red Line StationEastboundSouthside of the Street
11427Caldwell & Central TerminalNorthboundBus Terminal
11509Caldwell & LeaderNorthwestboundSoutheast Corner
11432Caldwell & LeaderSoutheastboundWestside of the Street
11510Caldwell & LenoxNorthwestboundSoutheast Corner
11431Caldwell & LenoxSoutheastboundWestside of the Street
11511Caldwell & LeroyNorthwestboundSoutheast Corner
11430Caldwell & LeroySoutheastboundWestside of the Street
11512Caldwell & NavajoNorthwestboundSoutheast Corner
11429Caldwell & NavajoSoutheastboundWestside of the Street
11513Caldwell & SpokaneNorthwestboundSoutheast Corner
11428Caldwell & SpokaneSoutheastboundWestside of the Street
17156Clark & ThorndaleSouthboundSouthwest CornerTemporary Stop
14876Kedzie & CatalpaNorthboundSoutheast CornerHigh School Trips
11490Peterson & CaliforniaWestboundNortheast Corner
11451Peterson & CaliforniaEastboundSouthwest Corner
11487Peterson & CampbellWestboundNortheast Corner
11454Peterson & CampbellEastboundSouthwest Corner
11498Peterson & Central ParkWestboundNortheast Corner
11443Peterson & Central ParkEastboundSouthwest Corner
11508Peterson & CiceroWestboundNortheast Corner
11433Peterson & CiceroEastboundSouthwest Corner
11482Peterson & DamenWestboundNortheast Corner
14556Peterson & DamenEastboundSouthside of the Street
11506Peterson & Forest GlenWestboundNortheast Corner
11435Peterson & Forest GlenEastboundSouthwest Corner
11491Peterson & FranciscoWestboundNortheast Corner
11450Peterson & FranciscoEastboundSouthside of the Street
11495Peterson & JerseyWestboundNortheast Corner
11446Peterson & JerseyEastboundSouthwest Corner
11505Peterson & KilbournWestboundNortheast Corner
11436Peterson & KilbournEastboundSouthwest Corner
11507Peterson & KilpatrickWestboundNortheast Corner
11434Peterson & KilpatrickEastboundSouthwest Corner
11496Peterson & KimballWestboundNortheast Corner
11445Peterson & KimballEastboundSouthwest Corner
11504Peterson & KostnerWestboundNortheast Corner
14966Peterson & KostnerEastboundSoutheast Corner
11499Peterson & LawndaleWestboundNortheast Corner
11442Peterson & LawndaleEastboundSouthside of the Street
11494Peterson & LincolnWestboundNortheast Corner
11447Peterson & LincolnEastboundSouthwest Corner
11485Peterson & OakleyWestboundNortheast Corner
11456Peterson & OakleyEastboundSouthside of the Street
15208Peterson & PulaskiWestboundNorthwest Corner
11440Peterson & PulaskiEastboundSoutheast Corner
11480Peterson & RavenswoodWestboundNorthside of the Street
11461Peterson & RavenswoodEastboundSoutheast Corner
11479Peterson & RidgeWestboundNorthwest Corner
11462Peterson & RidgeEastboundSouthwest Corner
11488Peterson & RockwellWestboundNortheast Corner
11453Peterson & RockwellEastboundSouthwest Corner
11439Peterson & RogersEastboundSouthwest Corner
11492Peterson & SacramentoWestboundNortheast Corner
11449Peterson & SacramentoEastboundSouthwest Corner
11502Peterson & SauganashWestboundNortheast Corner
11497Peterson & St. LouisWestboundNortheast Corner
11444Peterson & St. LouisEastboundSouthwest Corner
11458Peterson & Target (2100 W)EastboundSouthside of the Street
11489Peterson & WashtenawWestboundNortheast Corner
11452Peterson & WashtenawEastboundSouthwest Corner
11486Peterson & WesternWestboundNortheast Corner
11455Peterson & WesternEastboundSouthwest Corner
11493Peterson & WhippleWestboundNortheast Corner
11448Peterson & WhippleEastboundSouthside of the Street
11481Peterson & WolcottWestboundNorthside of the Street
11460Peterson & WolcottEastboundSouthside of the Street
18264Ridge & ArdmoreNorthwestboundNortheast Corner
11464Ridge & ArdmoreSoutheastboundNorthwest Corner
11474Ridge & Broadway/Bryn MawrNorthwestboundNortheast CornerTemporarily out of service
11467Ridge & Broadway/Bryn MawrSoutheastboundNorthwest Corner
11463Ridge & ClarkSoutheastboundNorthwest Corner
11478Ridge & ClarkNorthwestboundSoutheast Corner
11465Ridge & GlenwoodSoutheastboundNorthwest Corner
11476Ridge & GlenwoodNorthwestboundSoutheast Corner
11466Ridge & WayneSoutheastboundNorthwest Corner
11475Ridge & WayneNorthwestboundSoutheast Corner
11484Rosehill CemeteryWestboundNorthside of the Street
11457Rosehill CemeteryEastboundSouthside of the Street
1190Sheridan & ArdmoreNorthboundNortheast CornerTemporary Stop
1189Sheridan & HollywoodNorthboundSoutheast CornerTemporary Stop
18658Thorndale Red Line StationWestboundNorthside of the StreetTemporary Stop