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Posted Bus Stop List: Route #68

As of: 07/19/2023

Stop ID#

Stop name

Direction of travel
from the stop


Special notes

9913300 S Northwest HwyNorthwestboundSoutheast Corner
9922300 S Northwest HwySoutheastboundWestside of the Street
99316486 N Northwest HwySoutheastboundWestside of the Street
99046487 N Northwest HwyNorthwestboundEastside of the Street
18427Bryn Mawr & NagleWestboundNorthwest CornerHigh School Trips
4746Jefferson Park Metra Station WalkwayNorthwestboundEastside of the Street
14110Jefferson Park Transit CenterSouthwestboundBus Terminal
4844Milwaukee & GaleSoutheastboundNorthwest Corner
9948Northwest Hwy & AustinSoutheastboundNorthwest Corner
9887Northwest Hwy & AustinNorthwestboundSoutheast Corner
9945Northwest Hwy & Bryn MawrSoutheastboundNorthwest Corner
9890Northwest Hwy & Bryn MawrNorthwestboundSoutheast Corner
9932Northwest Hwy & DevonSoutheastboundNorthwest Corner
9903Northwest Hwy & DevonNorthwestboundSoutheast Corner
9920Northwest Hwy & EuclidSoutheastboundNorthwest Corner
9884Northwest Hwy & FosterNorthwestboundNortheast Corner
9951Northwest Hwy & FosterSoutheastboundNorthwest Corner
9933Northwest Hwy & HarlemSoutheastboundNorthwest Corner
9886Northwest Hwy & MarmoraNorthwestboundSoutheast Corner
9949Northwest Hwy & MarmoraSoutheastboundWestside of the Street
9889Northwest Hwy & MeadeNorthwestboundSoutheast Corner
9946Northwest Hwy & MeadeSoutheastboundWestside of the Street
9885Northwest Hwy & MenardNorthwestboundSoutheast Corner
9912Northwest Hwy & MerrillNorthwestboundSoutheast Corner
9923Northwest Hwy & MerrillSoutheastboundWestside of the Street
9953Northwest Hwy & MilwaukeeSoutheastboundNorthwest Corner
9891Northwest Hwy & MobileNorthwestboundSoutheast Corner
9944Northwest Hwy & MobileSoutheastboundWestside of the Street
18113Northwest Hwy & MonitorSoutheastboundSouthside of the Street
17316Northwest Hwy & NagleNorthwestboundNortheast Corner
9943Northwest Hwy & NagleSoutheastboundNorthwest Corner
9895Northwest Hwy & NaperNorthwestboundSoutheast Corner
9940Northwest Hwy & NaperSoutheastboundWestside of the Street
9893Northwest Hwy & NapoleonNorthwestboundSoutheast Corner
9942Northwest Hwy & NapoleonSoutheastboundWestside of the Street
9894Northwest Hwy & NashotahNorthwestboundSoutheast Corner
9941Northwest Hwy & NashotahSoutheastboundWestside of the Street
9896Northwest Hwy & NeolaNorthwestboundSoutheast Corner
9939Northwest Hwy & NeolaSoutheastboundWestside of the Street
9897Northwest Hwy & NettletonNorthwestboundSoutheast Corner
9938Northwest Hwy & NettletonSoutheastboundWestside of the Street
9901Northwest Hwy & NevaNorthwestboundSoutheast Corner
9934Northwest Hwy & NevaSoutheastboundWestside of the Street
9899Northwest Hwy & NiagaraNorthwestboundSoutheast Corner
9936Northwest Hwy & NiagaraSoutheastboundSouthside of the Street
9929Northwest Hwy & OgallahSoutheastboundNorthwest Corner
9906Northwest Hwy & OgallahNorthwestboundSoutheast Corner
9930Northwest Hwy & OketoSoutheastboundNorthwest Corner
9905Northwest Hwy & OketoNorthwestboundSoutheast Corner
9927Northwest Hwy & OliphantSoutheastboundNorthwest Corner
9908Northwest Hwy & OliphantNorthwestboundSoutheast Corner
9910Northwest Hwy & OverhillNorthwestboundNortheast Corner
9925Northwest Hwy & OverhillSoutheastboundSouthwest Corner
9911Northwest Hwy & OzarkNorthwestboundNorthside of the Street
9924Northwest Hwy & OzarkSoutheastboundNorthwest Corner
9919Northwest Hwy & ProspectSoutheastboundSouthwest Corner
9937Northwest Hwy & RavenSoutheastboundNorthwest Corner
9898Northwest Hwy & RavenNorthwestboundSoutheast Corner
9935Northwest Hwy & SayreSoutheastboundNorthwest Corner
9900Northwest Hwy & SayreNorthwestboundSoutheast Corner
9921Northwest Hwy & WashingtonSoutheastboundWestside of the Street
9917Summit & ProspectNorthwestboundEastside of the Street
9916Summit & ProspectNorthwestboundSoutheast Corner
9918Touhy & Summit/ProspectEastboundSouthside of the Street
9914Washington & Northwest HwySouthwestboundNorthwest Corner
9915Washington & SummitSouthwestboundNortheast Corner