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Posted Bus Stop List: Route #3

As of: 07/19/2023

Stop ID#

Stop name

Direction of travel
from the stop


Special notes

1573925th Street & Mercy HospitalEastboundSouthside of the StreetSpecial variations, please check schedule
749426th Street & IndianaWestboundNorthside of the StreetSpecial variations, please check schedule
749126th Street & King DriveWestboundNorthwest CornerSpecial variations, please check schedule
749326th Street & PrairieWestboundNortheast CornerSpecial variations, please check schedule
21802800 S King DriveNorthboundEastside of the Street
21952800 S King DriveSouthboundWestside of the Street
21973000 S King DriveSouthboundWestside of the Street
22013400 S King DriveSouthboundWestside of the Street
768635th Street & GilesEastboundSouthwest CornerSpecial variations, please check schedule
21663600 S King DriveNorthboundEastside of the Street
22033600 S King DriveSouthboundWestside of the Street
21505200 S King DriveNorthboundEastside of the Street
22195200 S King DriveSouthboundWestside of the Street
298095th Street & ForestWestboundNortheast Corner
281895th Street & ForestEastboundSouthwest Corner
298195th Street & IndianaWestboundNortheast Corner
281795th Street & IndianaEastboundSouthwest Corner
1775495th Street & King DriveWestboundNorthwest Corner
1863095th Street & MichiganSouthboundSouthwest Corner
2190Cermak & IndianaEastboundSoutheast Corner
18353Cermak & PrairieWestboundNorthwest Corner
582Chicago & FairbanksEastboundSouthwest Corner
597Chicago & Mies Van Der RoheWestboundNortheast Corner
15282Chicago & Mies Van Der RoheEastboundSouthside of the Street
593Fairbanks & ErieNorthboundSoutheast Corner
584Fairbanks & HuronSouthboundNorthwest Corner
595Fairbanks & SuperiorNorthboundSoutheast Corner
17397King Drive & 25th StreetNorthboundEastside of the Street
2193King Drive & 25th StreetSouthboundSouthwest Corner
2181King Drive & 26th StreetNorthboundSoutheast Corner
2194King Drive & 26th StreetSouthboundSouthwest Corner
2179King Drive & 29th StreetNorthboundNortheast Corner
2196King Drive & 29th StreetSouthboundSouthwest Corner
2178King Drive & 30th StreetNorthboundEastside of the Street
2198King Drive & 31st StreetSouthboundNorthwest Corner
2171King Drive & 31st StreetNorthboundSoutheast Corner
2170King Drive & 32nd StreetNorthboundNortheast Corner
2199King Drive & 32nd StreetSouthboundSouthwest Corner
2168King Drive & 33rd PlaceNorthboundSoutheast Corner
2169King Drive & 33rd StreetNorthboundNortheast Corner
17300King Drive & 33rd StreetSouthboundNorthwest Corner
2167King Drive & 35th StreetNorthboundNortheast Corner
2202King Drive & 35th StreetSouthboundSouthwest Corner
2165King Drive & 37th StreetNorthboundNortheast Corner
2204King Drive & 37th StreetSouthboundSouthwest Corner
2164King Drive & 38th StreetNorthboundEastside of the Street
2205King Drive & 38th StreetSouthboundSouthwest Corner
2161King Drive & 41st StreetNorthboundNortheast Corner
2208King Drive & 41st StreetSouthboundSouthwest Corner
2160King Drive & 42nd StreetNorthboundNortheast Corner
2209King Drive & 42nd StreetSouthboundSouthwest Corner
2159King Drive & 43rd StreetNorthboundNortheast Corner
2210King Drive & 43rd StreetSouthboundSouthwest Corner
2158King Drive & 44th StreetNorthboundNortheast Corner
2211King Drive & 44th StreetSouthboundSouthwest Corner
2157King Drive & 45th StreetNorthboundNortheast Corner
2212King Drive & 45th StreetSouthboundSouthwest Corner
2156King Drive & 46th StreetNorthboundNortheast Corner
2213King Drive & 46th StreetSouthboundSouthwest Corner
2155King Drive & 47th StreetNorthboundNortheast Corner
2214King Drive & 47th StreetSouthboundSouthwest Corner
2154King Drive & 48th StreetNorthboundNortheast Corner
2215King Drive & 48th StreetSouthboundSouthwest Corner
2153King Drive & 49th StreetNorthboundNortheast Corner
2216King Drive & 49th StreetSouthboundSouthwest Corner
2152King Drive & 50th StreetNorthboundNortheast Corner
2217King Drive & 50th StreetSouthboundSouthwest Corner
2151King Drive & 51st StreetNorthboundNortheast Corner
2218King Drive & 51st StreetSouthboundSouthwest Corner
2149King Drive & 53rd StreetNorthboundEastside of the Street
2220King Drive & 53rd StreetSouthboundSouthwest Corner
2148King Drive & 54th StreetNorthboundEastside of the Street
2221King Drive & 54th StreetSouthboundSouthwest Corner
2145King Drive & 56th StreetNorthboundEastside of the Street
2224King Drive & 56th StreetSouthboundSouthwest Corner
15486King Drive & 57th StreetNorthboundEastside of the Street
2225King Drive & 57th StreetSouthboundSouthwest Corner
2143King Drive & 58th StreetNorthboundEastside of the Street
2226King Drive & 58th StreetSouthboundSouthwest Corner
2142King Drive & 59th StreetNorthboundEastside of the Street
2227King Drive & 59th StreetSouthboundSouthwest Corner
2228King Drive & 60th StreetSouthboundNorthwest Corner
2141King Drive & 60th StreetNorthboundSoutheast Corner
2140King Drive & 61st StreetNorthboundNortheast Corner
2229King Drive & 61st StreetSouthboundSouthwest Corner
2139King Drive & 62nd StreetNorthboundNortheast Corner
2230King Drive & 62nd StreetSouthboundWestside of the Street
2231King Drive & 63rd StreetSouthboundSouthwest Corner
2138King Drive & 63rd Street (Green Line)NorthboundNortheast Corner
15537King Drive & 63rd Street (Green Line)SouthboundNorthwest Corner
2137King Drive & 64th StreetNorthboundSoutheast Corner
2232King Drive & 64th StreetSouthboundWestside of the Street
2136King Drive & 65th StreetNorthboundNortheast Corner
2233King Drive & 65th StreetSouthboundWestside of the Street
2135King Drive & 66th StreetNorthboundNortheast Corner
2234King Drive & 66th StreetSouthboundWestside of the Street
2131King Drive & 69th StreetNorthboundNortheast Corner
2238King Drive & 69th StreetSouthboundNorthwest Corner
2130King Drive & 70th StreetNorthboundNortheast Corner
2239King Drive & 70th StreetSouthboundSouthwest Corner
2129King Drive & 71st StreetNorthboundNortheast Corner
2240King Drive & 71st StreetSouthboundSouthwest Corner
2128King Drive & 72nd StreetNorthboundNortheast Corner
2241King Drive & 72nd StreetSouthboundSouthwest Corner
17381King Drive & 73rd StreetNorthboundSoutheast Corner
2242King Drive & 73rd StreetSouthboundSouthwest Corner
2126King Drive & 74th StreetNorthboundNortheast Corner
2243King Drive & 74th StreetSouthboundSouthwest Corner
2125King Drive & 75th StreetNorthboundNortheast Corner
2244King Drive & 75th StreetSouthboundSouthwest Corner
2124King Drive & 76th StreetNorthboundNortheast Corner
2245King Drive & 76th StreetSouthboundSouthwest Corner
2123King Drive & 77th StreetNorthboundNortheast Corner
2246King Drive & 77th StreetSouthboundSouthwest Corner
2122King Drive & 78th StreetNorthboundNortheast Corner
2247King Drive & 78th StreetSouthboundSouthwest Corner
2121King Drive & 79th StreetNorthboundNortheast Corner
17363King Drive & 79th StreetSouthboundSouthwest Corner
2120King Drive & 80th StreetNorthboundNortheast Corner
2249King Drive & 80th StreetSouthboundNorthwest Corner
2119King Drive & 81st StreetNorthboundNortheast Corner
2250King Drive & 81st StreetSouthboundSouthwest Corner
2118King Drive & 82nd StreetNorthboundNortheast Corner
2251King Drive & 82nd StreetSouthboundSouthwest Corner
2117King Drive & 83rd StreetNorthboundNortheast Corner
2252King Drive & 83rd StreetSouthboundSouthwest Corner
2116King Drive & 84th StreetNorthboundNortheast Corner
2253King Drive & 84th StreetSouthboundSouthwest Corner
2115King Drive & 85th StreetNorthboundNortheast Corner
2254King Drive & 85th StreetSouthboundSouthwest Corner
2114King Drive & 86th StreetNorthboundNortheast Corner
2255King Drive & 86th StreetSouthboundSouthwest Corner
2113King Drive & 87th StreetNorthboundNortheast Corner
2256King Drive & 87th StreetSouthboundSouthwest Corner
2112King Drive & 88th StreetNorthboundNortheast Corner
2257King Drive & 88th StreetSouthboundSouthwest Corner
18432King Drive & 89th StreetNorthboundSoutheast Corner
2258King Drive & 89th StreetSouthboundSouthwest Corner
2110King Drive & 90th StreetNorthboundNortheast Corner
2259King Drive & 90th StreetSouthboundSouthwest Corner
2109King Drive & 91st StreetNorthboundNortheast Corner
2260King Drive & 91st StreetSouthboundSouthwest Corner
2107King Drive & 93rd StreetNorthboundNortheast Corner
2262King Drive & 93rd StreetSouthboundSouthwest Corner
2106King Drive & 94th StreetNorthboundNortheast Corner
2263King Drive & 94th StreetSouthboundSouthwest Corner
16001King Drive & 95th StreetNorthboundNortheast Corner
2132King Drive & AnthonyNorthboundSoutheast Corner
2237King Drive & AnthonySouthboundSouthwest Corner
2108King Drive & BurnsideNorthboundNortheast Corner
2261King Drive & BurnsideSouthboundWestside of the Street
2147King Drive & GarfieldNorthboundNortheast Corner
2222King Drive & GarfieldSouthboundNorthwest Corner
2146King Drive & GarfieldNorthboundSoutheast Corner
2223King Drive & GarfieldSouthboundSouthwest Corner
2134King Drive & Marquette RdNorthboundNortheast Corner
2235King Drive & Marquette RdSouthboundNorthwest Corner
2133King Drive & Marquette Rd/S. ChicagoNorthboundSoutheast Corner
2236King Drive & Marquette Rd/S. ChicagoSouthboundSouthwest Corner
2162King Drive & Oakwood BoulevardNorthboundSoutheast Corner
2207King Drive & Oakwood BoulevardSouthboundWestside of the Street
2163King Drive & PershingNorthboundNortheast Corner
2206King Drive & PershingSouthboundSouthwest Corner
14559McCormick PlaceNorthboundNortheast Corner
2192McCormick PlaceSouthboundWestside of the Street
1581Michigan & 11th StreetNorthboundEastside of the Street
1590Michigan & 11th StreetSouthboundSouthwest Corner
1579Michigan & 13th StreetNorthboundNortheast Corner
1592Michigan & 13th StreetSouthboundSouthwest Corner
18318Michigan & 14th StreetNorthboundNortheast Corner
1593Michigan & 14th StreetSouthboundSouthwest Corner
14760Michigan & 16th StreetNorthboundNortheast Corner
1595Michigan & 16th StreetSouthboundSouthwest Corner
1575Michigan & 18th StreetNorthboundNortheast Corner
1596Michigan & 18th StreetSouthboundSouthwest Corner
1573Michigan & 21st StreetNorthboundNortheast Corner
1598Michigan & 21st StreetSouthboundSouthwest Corner
1568Michigan & 25th StreetNorthboundSoutheast CornerSpecial variations, please check schedule
1567Michigan & 26th StreetNorthboundNortheast CornerSpecial variations, please check schedule
1583Michigan & 8th StreetNorthboundEastside of the Street
1588Michigan & 8th StreetSouthboundNorthwest Corner
2816Michigan & 95th StreetEastboundSouthwest Corner
7529Michigan & 96th StreetSouthboundWestside of the Street
7530Michigan & 97th StreetSouthboundWestside of the Street
7531Michigan & 98th StreetSouthboundNorthwest Corner
1582Michigan & 9th StreetNorthboundEastside of the Street
1589Michigan & 9th StreetSouthboundSouthwest Corner
1584Michigan & BalboNorthboundNortheast Corner
1587Michigan & BalboSouthboundNorthwest Corner
15312Michigan & CermakNorthboundNortheast Corner
1126Michigan & ChicagoNorthboundSoutheast Corner
1574Michigan & CullertonNorthboundNortheast Corner
1597Michigan & CullertonSouthboundSouthwest Corner
1121Michigan & E. WackerNorthboundSoutheast Corner
1100Michigan & ErieSouthboundNorthwest Corner
1123Michigan & GrandNorthboundEastside of the Street
1586Michigan & HarrisonSouthboundNorthwest Corner
1122Michigan & Hubbard (Tribune Bldg.)NorthboundSoutheast Corner
1103Michigan & Hubbard (Wrigley Bldg.)SouthboundSouthwest Corner
1125Michigan & HuronNorthboundSoutheast Corner
14485Michigan & Ida B Wells DriveNorthboundSoutheast Corner
1102Michigan & IllinoisSouthboundWestside of the Street
1110Michigan & JacksonSouthboundNorthwest Corner
76Michigan & JacksonNorthboundSoutheast Corner
1105Michigan & Lake/RandolphSouthboundWestside of the Street
2188Michigan & MadisonNorthboundEastside of the Street
15241Michigan & MonroeNorthboundSoutheast Corner
18396Michigan & MonroeSouthboundSouthwest Corner
1101Michigan & OhioSouthboundNorthwest Corner
1124Michigan & OntarioNorthboundSoutheast Corner
1119Michigan & RandolphNorthboundNortheast Corner
1580Michigan & RooseveltNorthboundNortheast Corner
1591Michigan & RooseveltSouthboundSouthwest Corner
1104Michigan & South WaterSouthboundNorthwest Corner
1120Michigan & South WaterNorthboundSoutheast Corner
14488Michigan & SuperiorSouthboundNorthwest Corner
73Michigan & Van Buren/Ida B. WellsSouthboundWestside of the Street
1106Michigan & WashingtonSouthboundNorthwest Corner
7732Pershing & GilesEastboundSouthside of the StreetSpecial variations, please check schedule
15999State & 95th StreetNorthboundSoutheast Corner