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Posted Bus Stop List: Route #206

Where safe operation allows, buses will stop at all corners in Evanston, upon request.

As of: 07/19/2023

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Direction of travel
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Special notes

14341Asbury & BrummelNorthboundEastside of the StreetPM rush period only
14342Asbury & BrummelSouthboundNorthwest CornerAM rush period only
14340Asbury & DobsonSouthboundNorthwest CornerAM rush period only
14343Asbury & Harvard TerraceNorthboundSoutheast CornerPM rush period only
14346Asbury & Hull TerraceNorthboundSoutheast CornerPM rush period only
14347Asbury & KirkSouthboundNorthwest CornerAM rush period only
14344Asbury & MulfordSouthboundNorthwest CornerAM rush period only
14345Asbury & MulfordNorthboundSoutheast CornerPM rush period only
14726Ashland & Payne StreetSouthboundNorthwest Corner
13140Ashland & SimpsonSouthboundNorthwest Corner
14285Central Street & BennettWestboundNortheast Corner
14286Central Street & BennettEastboundSouthwest Corner
14236Central Street & Central ParkWestboundNortheast Corner
14233Central Street & Central ParkEastboundSouthwest Corner
17910Central Street & CowperEastboundSoutheast Corner
12702Central Street & CrawfordWestboundNortheast Corner
12701Central Street & CrawfordEastboundSouthwest Corner
14683Central Street & EwingWestboundNortheast Corner
12641Central Street & Green Bay RdWestboundNorthwest Corner
12642Central Street & Green Bay RdEastboundSouthwest Corner
14682Central Street & HartreyWestboundNorthside of the Street
14688Central Street & HartreyEastboundSouthwest Corner
14289Central Street & LawndaleWestboundNortheast Corner
14290Central Street & LawndaleEastboundSouthwest Corner
14684Central Street & LincolnwoodWestboundNortheast Corner
14687Central Street & LincolnwoodEastboundSouthwest Corner
14237Central Street & McDanielWestboundNortheast Corner
14232Central Street & McDanielEastboundSouthwest Corner
12643Central Street & ProspectWestboundNortheast Corner
14686Central Street & ProspectEastboundSouthwest Corner
14287Central Street & ReeseWestboundNortheast Corner
14288Central Street & ReeseEastboundSouthside of the Street
14283Central Street & WalnutWestboundNortheast Corner
14284Central Street & WalnutEastboundSouthside of the Street
15491Chicago & GroveNorthboundSoutheast CornerHigh School Trips
15806Chicago & Juneway/MulfordNorthboundSoutheast CornerHigh School Trips
15807Chicago & Juneway/MulfordSouthboundWestside of the StreetHigh School Trips
14692Chicago Avenue & DavisSouthboundNorthwest CornerHigh School Trips
12644Chicago Avenue & Dempster (Purple Line)SouthboundNorthwest CornerHigh School Trips
12645Chicago Avenue & Dempster (Purple Line)NorthboundSoutheast CornerHigh School Trips
14318Chicago Avenue & GreenleafSouthboundNorthwest CornerHigh School Trips
14317Chicago Avenue & GreenleafNorthboundSoutheast CornerHigh School Trips
14754Chicago Avenue & GreenwoodSouthboundNorthwest CornerHigh School Trips
14319Chicago Avenue & HamiltonNorthboundSoutheast CornerHigh School Trips
14320Chicago Avenue & HamiltonSouthboundWestside of the StreetHigh School Trips
14313Chicago Avenue & KedzieNorthboundSoutheast CornerHigh School Trips
14314Chicago Avenue & KedzieSouthboundWestside of the StreetHigh School Trips
14322Chicago Avenue & LakeSouthboundNorthwest CornerHigh School Trips
14321Chicago Avenue & LakeNorthboundSoutheast CornerHigh School Trips
16058Chicago Avenue & MainNorthboundNortheast CornerHigh School Trips
12703Chicago Avenue & Main (Purple Line)SouthboundNorthwest CornerHigh School Trips
12647Chicago Avenue & South Blvd (Purple Line)SouthboundNorthwest CornerHigh School Trips
16011Chicago Avenue & South Blvd (Purple Line)NorthboundSoutheast CornerHigh School Trips
12678Church & AsburyWestboundNorthwest CornerHigh School Trips
12679Church & AsburyEastboundSouthwest CornerHigh School Trips
12708Church & BensonEastboundSouthwest CornerHigh School Trips
14709Church & Chicago AvenueEastboundSouthwest CornerHigh School Trips
12711Church & DodgeEastboundSoutheast CornerHigh School Trips
14694Church & FlorenceWestboundNorthside of the StreetHigh School Trips
14707Church & FlorenceEastboundSouthwest CornerHigh School Trips
12680Church & MapleEastboundSouthside of the StreetHigh School Trips
12682Church & RidgeEastboundSouthwest CornerHigh School Trips
12648Church & ShermanEastboundSouthwest CornerHigh School Trips
14708Church & WesleyEastboundSouthwest CornerHigh School Trips
14091Clark & BirchwoodSouthboundNorthwest Corner
14056Clark & HowardSouthboundSouthwest Corner
14405Davis & BensonWestboundNortheast CornerHigh School Trips
12686Davis & MapleWestboundNortheast CornerHigh School Trips
12687Davis & OakWestboundNortheast CornerHigh School Trips
14693Davis & OrringtonWestboundNortheast CornerHigh School Trips
12688Davis & RidgeWestboundNortheast CornerHigh School Trips
14677Dempster & AsburyEastboundSouthwest CornerPM rush period only
17568Dempster & DarrowEastboundSouthwest CornerPM rush period only
14674Dempster & DeweyEastboundSouthwest CornerPM rush period only
14675Dempster & FlorenceEastboundSouthwest CornerPM rush period only
14678Dempster & RidgeEastboundSouthwest CornerPM rush period only
14676Dempster & WesleyEastboundSouthwest CornerPM rush period only
13156Dodge & ChurchSouthboundNorthwest Corner
13135Dodge & ChurchNorthboundSoutheast Corner
14363Dodge & ClevelandSouthboundNorthwest CornerAM rush period only
14372Dodge & CrainNorthboundSoutheast CornerPM rush period only
14373Dodge & CrainSouthboundWestside of the StreetAM rush period only
14730Dodge & DavisNorthboundSoutheast Corner
14374Dodge & DempsterNorthboundSoutheast CornerPM rush period only
18015Dodge & DempsterSouthboundSouthwest CornerAM rush period only
12697Dodge & EmersonNorthboundSoutheast Corner
15543Dodge & EmersonSouthboundSouthwest Corner
14729Dodge & Evanston Township HSSouthboundWestside of the Street
14371Dodge & GreenleafSouthboundNorthwest CornerAM rush period only
14370Dodge & GreenleafNorthboundSoutheast CornerPM rush period only
14377Dodge & GreenwoodSouthboundNorthwest CornerAM rush period only
14376Dodge & GreenwoodNorthboundSoutheast CornerPM rush period only
14359Dodge & KeeneySouthboundNorthwest CornerAM rush period only
14358Dodge & KeeneyNorthboundSoutheast CornerPM rush period only
13112Dodge & LakeNorthboundSoutheast CornerPM rush period only
17911Dodge & LakeSouthboundSouthwest CornerPM rush period only
14369Dodge & LeeSouthboundNorthwest CornerAM rush period only
14368Dodge & LeeNorthboundSoutheast CornerPM rush period only
14728Dodge & LyonsSouthboundWestside of the Street
18449Dodge & MainNorthboundNortheast CornerPM rush period only
12699Dodge & MainSouthboundNorthwest CornerAM rush period only
14364Dodge & MonroeNorthboundSoutheast CornerPM rush period only
18450Dodge & OaktonNorthboundNortheast CornerPM rush period only
13138Dodge & SimpsonNorthboundSoutheast Corner
13139Dodge & SimpsonSouthboundSouthwest Corner
17908Dodge & WashingtonSouthboundNorthwest CornerAM rush period only
14367Dodge & WashingtonNorthboundSoutheast CornerPM rush period only
14379Green Bay Rd & LincolnSoutheastboundNorthwest Corner
14378Green Bay Rd & LincolnNorthwestboundSoutheast Corner
15117Green Bay Rd & McCormick BlvdSoutheastboundNorthwest Corner
3518Howard & BartonWestboundNortheast CornerPM rush period only
3513Howard & Chicago AvenueWestboundNortheast Corner
3514Howard & ClydeWestboundNortheast Corner
3515Howard & CusterWestboundNortheast Corner
3631Howard & DamenEastboundSouthwest Corner
18609Howard & OakleyEastboundSouthwest CornerAM rush period only
3517Howard & RidgeWestboundNortheast Corner
3629Howard & RidgeEastboundSoutheast Corner
3627Howard & WesternEastboundSoutheast CornerAM rush period only
3519Howard & Western/AsburyWestboundNortheast CornerPM rush period only
3632Howard & WolcottEastboundSouthwest Corner
14383Lake & AshlandWestboundNortheast CornerAM rush period only
14387Lake & DeweyWestboundNortheast CornerAM rush period only
13134Lake & DodgeWestboundNortheast CornerAM rush period only
14385Lake & FlorenceWestboundNortheast CornerAM rush period only
18304Lake & RidgeWestboundNorthwest CornerAM rush period only
14381Lake & WesleyWestboundNortheast CornerAM rush period only
13126Oakton & AsburyWestboundNorthwest CornerPM rush period only
13125Oakton & AsburyEastboundSouthwest CornerAM rush period only
14355Oakton & DarrowEastboundSouthwest CornerAM rush period only
14354Oakton & DeweyWestboundNortheast CornerPM rush period only
13128Oakton & DodgeWestboundNortheast CornerPM rush period only
13127Oakton & DodgeEastboundSoutheast CornerAM rush period only
14351Oakton & FlorenceWestboundNortheast CornerPM rush period only
14352Oakton & FlorenceEastboundSouthside of the StreetAM rush period only
14349Oakton & WesleyWestboundNortheast CornerPM rush period only
14350Oakton & WesleyEastboundSouthside of the StreetAM rush period only
14094Paulina & Howard TerminalNorthboundBus Terminal
17150Ridge & AustinNorthboundSoutheast CornerAM rush period only
14334Ridge & BrummelSouthboundNorthwest CornerPM rush period only
14333Ridge & BrummelNorthboundSoutheast CornerAM rush period only
14267Ridge & CrainSouthboundNorthwest CornerPM rush period only
14266Ridge & CrainNorthboundSoutheast CornerAM rush period only
14240Ridge & DempsterNorthboundSoutheast CornerAM rush period only
14265Ridge & GreenleafSouthboundNorthwest CornerPM rush period only
14264Ridge & GreenleafNorthboundSoutheast CornerAM rush period only
14268Ridge & GreenwoodNorthboundSoutheast CornerAM rush period only
13149Ridge & Hull TerraceNorthboundEastside of the StreetAM rush period only
13148Ridge & Hull TerraceSouthboundNorthwest CornerPM rush period only
14263Ridge & LeeSouthboundNorthwest CornerPM rush period only
14262Ridge & LeeNorthboundSoutheast CornerAM rush period only
12695Ridge & MainSouthboundNorthwest CornerPM rush period only
12694Ridge & MainNorthboundSoutheast CornerAM rush period only
14259Ridge & MonroeSouthboundNorthwest CornerPM rush period only
14258Ridge & MonroeNorthboundSoutheast CornerAM rush period only
18322Ridge & MulfordNorthboundNortheast CornerAM rush period only
14338Ridge & MulfordSouthboundNorthwest CornerPM rush period only
14255Ridge & OaktonSouthboundNorthwest CornerPM rush period only
14254Ridge & OaktonNorthboundSoutheast CornerAM rush period only
14257Ridge & SewardSouthboundNorthwest CornerPM rush period only
14256Ridge & SewardNorthboundSoutheast CornerAM rush period only
14261Ridge & WashingtonSouthboundNorthwest CornerPM rush period only
14260Ridge & WashingtonNorthboundSoutheast CornerAM rush period only
15452Rogers & HermitageNortheastboundSouthside of the Street
14727Simpson & DarrowWestboundNortheast Corner