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Posted Bus Stop List: Route #148

As of: 07/19/2023

Stop ID#

Stop name

Direction of travel
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Special notes

4932Clarendon & Belle PlaineNorthboundEastside of the Street
4923Clarendon & Belle PlaineSouthboundSouthwest Corner
4931Clarendon & BittersweetNorthboundNortheast Corner
4922Clarendon & BuenaSouthboundNorthwest Corner
4933Clarendon & BuenaNorthboundSoutheast Corner
4924Clarendon & CuylerSouthboundSouthwest Corner
4934Clarendon & Junior TerraceNorthboundEastside of the Street
4921Clarendon & Junior TerraceSouthboundNorthwest Corner
14470Clarendon & LelandNorthboundEastside of the Street
17717Clarendon & LelandSouthboundNorthwest Corner
17713Clarendon & MontroseNorthboundNortheast Corner
4920Clarendon & MontroseSouthboundNorthwest Corner
4936Clarendon & SunnysideNorthboundEastside of the Street
4919Clarendon & SunnysideSouthboundSouthwest Corner
14469Clarendon & WilsonNorthboundNortheast CornerTemporarily out of service
17718Clarendon & WilsonSouthboundNorthwest Corner
18633Clarendon & WilsonNorthboundSoutheast CornerTemporary Stop
4930Irving Park & ClarendonWestboundNortheast Corner
4925Irving Park & ClarendonEastboundSoutheast Corner
4928Irving Park & Marine DriveWestboundNorthwest Corner
4927Irving Park & Marine DriveEastboundSouthwest Corner
4929Irving Park & Pine GroveWestboundNorthside of the Street
4926Irving Park & Pine GroveEastboundSoutheast Corner
4897Marine Drive & AinslieNorthboundEastside of the Street
4854Marine Drive & AinslieSouthboundNorthwest Corner
4899Marine Drive & ArgyleNorthboundEastside of the Street
4852Marine Drive & ArgyleSouthboundNorthwest Corner
4896Marine Drive & GunnisonNorthboundEastside of the Street
4855Marine Drive & GunnisonSouthboundNorthwest Corner
14471Marine Drive & LawrenceNorthboundNortheast Corner
4856Marine Drive & LawrenceSouthboundNorthwest Corner
4898Marine Drive & MargateNorthboundEastside of the Street
4853Marine Drive & MargateSouthboundNorthwest Corner
4900Marine Drive & WinonaNorthboundEastside of the Street
4851Marine Drive & Winona/CarmenSouthboundWestside of the Street
1127Michigan & ChestnutNorthboundSoutheast Corner
1097Michigan & DelawareSouthboundNorthwest Corner
1128Michigan & Delaware/WaltonNorthboundEastside of the Street
1100Michigan & ErieSouthboundNorthwest Corner
1123Michigan & GrandNorthboundEastside of the Street
1122Michigan & Hubbard (Tribune Bldg.)NorthboundSoutheast Corner
1103Michigan & Hubbard (Wrigley Bldg.)SouthboundSouthwest Corner
1125Michigan & HuronNorthboundSoutheast Corner
1102Michigan & IllinoisSouthboundWestside of the Street
1101Michigan & OhioSouthboundNorthwest Corner
1124Michigan & OntarioNorthboundSoutheast Corner
1098Michigan & PearsonSouthboundNorthwest Corner
1120Michigan & South WaterNorthboundSoutheast Corner
14488Michigan & SuperiorSouthboundNorthwest Corner
1115State & AdamsNorthboundSoutheast Corner
15052State & Harrison/Ida B Wells DriveNorthboundEastside of the Street
1431State & Harrison/Ida B Wells Drive SouthboundWestside of the Street
1429State & JacksonSouthboundNorthwest Corner
1423State & LakeSouthboundNorthwest Corner
1438State & LakeNorthboundSoutheast Corner
1117State & MadisonNorthboundSoutheast Corner
1427State & MonroeSouthboundNorthwest Corner
1437State & RandolphNorthboundSoutheast Corner
1430State & Van BurenSouthboundNorthwest Corner
1113State & Van BurenNorthboundSoutheast Corner
1425State & WashingtonSouthboundNorthwest Corner
1421Wacker (Upper) & MichiganWestboundNorthwest Corner