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Posted Bus Stop List: Route #106

As of: 07/19/2023

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Direction of travel
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Special notes

122791000 E 103rd StreetWestboundNorthside of the Street
122251001 E 103rd StreetEastboundSouthside of the Street
12288103rd Street & CalumetWestboundNortheast Corner
12216103rd Street & CalumetEastboundSouthwest Corner
12281103rd Street & CorlissWestboundNorthside of the Street
12223103rd Street & CorlissEastboundSouthside of the Street
12282103rd Street & Cottage GroveWestboundNortheast Corner
17119103rd Street & Cottage GroveEastboundSoutheast Corner
12285103rd Street & EberhartWestboundNortheast Corner
12219103rd Street & EberhartEastboundSouthwest Corner
12289103rd Street & ForestWestboundNortheast Corner
12215103rd Street & ForestEastboundSouthwest Corner
12291103rd Street & IndianaWestboundNortheast Corner
12213103rd Street & IndianaEastboundSouthwest Corner
12287103rd Street & King DriveWestboundNortheast Corner
15158103rd Street & King DriveEastboundSoutheast Corner
12292103rd Street & MichiganWestboundNortheast Corner
12212103rd Street & MichiganEastboundSoutheast Corner
12290103rd Street & PrairieWestboundNortheast Corner
12214103rd Street & PrairieEastboundSouthwest Corner
12283103rd Street & St. LawrenceWestboundNortheast Corner
12221103rd Street & St. LawrenceEastboundSouthside of the Street
17747103rd Street & Stony Island Garage TerminalNorthwestboundBus Terminal
12227103rd Street & WoodlawnEastboundSouthwest Corner
122781100 E 103rd StreetWestboundNorthside of the Street
122261100 E 103rd StreetEastboundSouthwest Corner
12280900 E 103rd StreetWestboundNorthside of the Street
12224900 E 103rd StreetEastboundSouthside of the Street
1400695th Red Line StationNorthboundBus Terminal
298295th Street & MichiganWestboundNorthwest Corner
7619Michigan & 100th StreetNorthboundSoutheast Corner
15082Michigan & 100th StreetSouthboundSouthwest Corner
7534Michigan & 101st StreetSouthboundNorthwest Corner
7618Michigan & 101st StreetNorthboundSoutheast Corner
7535Michigan & 102nd StreetSouthboundNorthwest Corner
7617Michigan & 102nd StreetNorthboundSoutheast Corner
2816Michigan & 95th StreetEastboundSouthwest Corner
7623Michigan & 96th StreetNorthboundSoutheast Corner
7529Michigan & 96th StreetSouthboundWestside of the Street
7622Michigan & 97th StreetNorthboundSoutheast Corner
7530Michigan & 97th StreetSouthboundWestside of the Street
7531Michigan & 98th StreetSouthboundNorthwest Corner
7621Michigan & 98th StreetNorthboundSoutheast Corner
7532Michigan & 99th StreetSouthboundNorthwest Corner
7620Michigan & 99th StreetNorthboundSoutheast Corner
7213Olive-Harvey CollegeWestboundNorthside of the StreetSpecial variations, please check schedule
7212Woodlawn & 103rd StreetNorthboundEastside of the Street