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This page provides detailed information about the contactless Ventra™ U-Pass and how to get the most out of it.

About your U-Pass

Here are the basics about how U-Pass works:


Using your U-Pass between semesters (or otherwise not in school full-time)

Your Ventra U-Pass keeps on working as a regular Ventra Card between semesters and switches back to being a U-Pass when school is back in session. Load transit value for regular fares or even passes (3-Day, 7-Day, etc.).

There’s no need to get a separate card for when you’re not attending school full-time—you just load & go! Here's how:

U-Pass replacement, rules and regulations

As you begin to use your U-Pass, please be aware of the following rules for being a U-Pass cardholder.


Getting the most out of your U-Pass

Getting started with your Ventra Transit Account is easy. Below are some helpful hints and details.

Note: Your Ventra U-Pass permit can be used for transit only; there is no prepaid debit option available.

Participating institutions


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