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Prepaid Fare Payment Pilot at Southbound #29 and Westbound #67 Bus Stop at the 69th Red Line Station

#29 State #67 67th-69th-71st
Monday, June 26, 2017
to TBD
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How does this affect my trip?
Customers boarding southbound #29 State and westbound #67 67th/69th/71st buses at the 69th Red Line station during the evening rush period (3pm to 6pm weekdays) will pay their fare before boarding the bus rather than onboard the bus.

Prepaid bus boarding is similar to how you pay your fare ahead of boarding a CTA ‘L’ train – during the prepaid period, customers boarding the southbound #29 and westbound #67 will be required to purchase a fare in advance*. Before you board a bus, you’ll tap your farecard on a farecard reader to enter a waiting area, which will be defined by signage and staffed by CTA employees. Once in the ‘paid area’, you will be able to enter and exit buses freely, increasing the speed and efficiency at the bus stop – just step on board the bus when it arrives, similar to how you board the train.

Outside of evening rush periods, when prepaid boarding is not in effect, you will pay your fare onboard the bus as before. Northbound #29 and eastbound #67 buses, and other bus routes at the 69th station, are not affected at any time.

Why is service being changed?
We are launching a four-month pilot to test prepaid fare payment as part of CTA’s continued efforts to improve bus service and reliability for customers. After four months, CTA will determine whether to conclude the pilot, extend it or make prepaid boarding permanent based on analysis of boarding speed data and customer feedback.

* You can pay using fare value in a Ventra Transit Account on a Ventra card, ticket, or other valid fare media such as a contactless bankcard or RFID-enabled smartphone, or paying a Pay-as-You-Go (PAYG) fare from a contactless bankcard or RFID-enabled smartphone.

Customers who normally pay with cash are encouraged to get a Ventra Card in advance and load fare value onto it and only Ventra can be used to pay for transfers. If you prefer to pay cash, tell the CTA employee on duty that you want to pay cash to board the bus. The employee will provide you with a special Ventra card and direct you to the nearby Ventra vending machine to load $2 or more on the Ventra card, depending on how many fares you want to be able to pay.

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