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Route Change

#148 Clarendon/Michigan Express
Sunday, December 16, 2012
to TBD
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Service Change

Full Description:

How does this affect my trip?
Buses will be extended north from Clarendon/Wilson to Marine/Foster via Clarendon, Lawrence, and Marine Drive.

Buses will no longer operate on Wilson between Clarendon and Ravenswood.

Downtown, southbound buses will operate on State between Wacker and Congress instead of on Michigan. Northbound buses are not affected Downtown.

Alternate east-west bus service is available within a quarter-mile on the #78 Montrose and #81 Lawrence. Alternate north-south rail and bus service is available on the Brown and Red lines, and on the #135 Clarendon/LaSalle Express and #146 Inner Drive/Michigan Express. (Routes in bold will receive improved service frequencies.)

For more information on the service additions and changes, visit the Plan to Reduce Crowding page.

Why is service being changed?
Service is being changed to use existing resources to meet growing ridership needs and add bus and train service on high-demand routes across the entire CTA network as part of the Plan to Reduce Crowding.

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