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Supplies C17CT102065526 Furnish and Deliver One (1) Extended Cab, Custom Built Self-Propelled, Hydraulically Operated Spike Puller Machine with Hair Pin Attachment, Including, but not Limited to, Curved and Tangent Tracks. (REVISED) 12/27/2017
Services C17FT101878289 Request for Proposals (RFP) for Manufacture and Delivery of up to (45) Low Floor, (40) Foot, All-Electric Transit Buses and the Design-Build and Installation of up to (13) En-Route Charging Stations and Associated Spare Parts. (REVISED) 1/31/2018
Services B17OP00412R License, Maintenance and Support for IBM Enterprise Software. (REVISED) 12/18/2017
Services C17CT102036132 Furnish and Deliver One (1) Diesel Powered Emergency Truck Equipped with 2-Axle Chassis. (REVISED) 12/14/2017
Supplies C17CT102081637 Furnish and Deliver One (1) Self-Propelled, Diesel Powered, Hydraulically Operated Tie Crane. 12/14/2017
Services B17CT04517 Request for Proposals (RFP) for Consulting Services to Develop a Comprehensive Technical Specification for CTA's Farebox Collection. (REVISED) 12/15/2017
Services B17OP04491R Furnish Labor, Materials, Tools, Equipment and Related Items Necessary to Complete Concrete Work at Bus Turnarounds. (REVISED) 12/12/2017
Supplies B17OP00221 Furnish and Deliver Sheet Steel of Various Sizes and Thickness. 12/18/2017
Construction C17FT101995845R Request for Proposals (RFP) for O'Hare Line - Jefferson Park to O'Hare Signal Upgrades and Special Trackwork. 1/10/2018
Services B17OP00213 Repair/Rebuild AC and DC Electric Motors. (REVISED) 12/15/2017
Services B17OP00131 Cutting Tool Sharpening Service. 12/27/2017
Services B17OP04515 Furnish Labor, Materials, Tools, Equipment and Related Items Necessary to Remove and Legally Dispose of Materials Containing Asbestos and Mold from Various CTA Locations within the Metropolitan Area. 12/27/2017
Services B17OP80141 Furnish and Install Pigeon Deterring Devices at Various CTA Locations. 1/3/2018

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