Security Camera Installation

Security Camera Installation Project

In the latter half of 2011, we’ve more than doubled the number of security cameras on the CTA. This increase was one of the new security initiatives across the ‘L’ system to help prevent crime and solve cases. It’s part of an unprecedented effort to improve the safety and security of our passengers by increasing Chicago Police Department “Wolf Packs” and adding 50 new police officers dedicated to the CTA system.

What we've done

CTA just completed the installation of 1,700 cameras, bringing the total systemwide to over 3,000 cameras. All 144 rail stations are now equipped with cameras.

Cameras are a tool which assist in police investigations and deter criminal activity by telling would-be offenders that we are watching. In 2010, for example, images from cameras on CTA buses and at rail stations helped the police department make 69 arrests. Since June of 2011, 47 arrests have also occurred. In the fall of 2011, police were able to use images pulled from station cameras installed just days before to identify, arrest and charge an offender responsible for attacking and robbing a woman of her purse in an elevator a block away from the station, who had also previously appeared in surveillance footage using a stolen credit card, which connected him to a car burglary near CTA Headquarters two weeks earlier.

Where we are

We’ve accelerated the installation of cameras at our stations and the number of cameras monitoring the system has increased to over 3,000, completing and surpassing our goals nearly six weeks ahead of schedule. Efforts to make CTA safer and more secure are ongoing.


graphic showing project progress


As of 11/21/2011:


Project status
100% complete



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