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Reporting a Lost Item:

If you’ve lost something on CTA, we may be holding onto it for you.

Lost items found on CTA vehicles or at CTA rail stations are sent to the bus garages or rail terminals associated with specific bus routes, rail lines or stations. For items lost on CTA, see the list below for the bus garage or rail terminal to contact.

At no time does the CTA assume responsibility for lost items. Items are kept for two weeks after being found.


Lost and Found Retrieval Tips:


Bus Garage and Rail Terminal Directory

Each garage plays host to several bus routes. Check the list below for the bus route or rail terminal where the item was lost to determine which location to call.

Please note: Some bus routes operate out of more than one bus garage. This is indicated by a bolded route name and an asterisk (*) behind the listing of that route. You may need to contact more than one garage to find an item.

Tip: To search within this page for your route, on most computers you can press Ctrl+F on your keyboard to "Find" text within a page.


Bus Garages

Chicago Avenue Garage

642 N. Pulaski Road
(773) 265-0454




Forest Glen Garage

5419 W. Armstrong Avenue
(773) 774-2666




Kedzie Garage

358 S. Kedzie Avenue
(773) 638-5074



North Park Garage

3112 W. Foster
(773) 539-4640


74th Garage

1815 W. 74th Street
(773) 925-2500




77th Garage

210 West 79th Street




103rd Garage

1702 E. 103rd Street
(773) 978-7940




'L' (Train) Terminals

Items found or turned in at rail stations are returned to the terminal associated with that station (see listings below). Items found on trains are turned in at the terminal at which they were found when the train was checked for left items, so call all end-of-line terminals for a route if you lost an item on a train.


Loop Elevated Stations
(312) 664-7200

Including Clark/Lake, State/Lake, Randolph/Wabash, Madison/Wabash, Adams/Wabash, Harold Washington Library-State/Van Buren, LaSalle/Van Buren, Quincy, and Washington/Wells


Purple, Red and Yellow lines
Howard terminal

(773) 274-6952



Red Line
95th/Dan Ryan terminal

(773) 264-8016

Including Red Line Stations: Cermak-Chinatown, Sox-35th, 47th, Garfield, 63rd, 69th, 79th, 87th, 95th 


Blue Line
O’Hare terminal

(773) 894-1654

Including Blue Line Stations: O’Hare, Rosemont, Cumberland, Harlem, Jefferson Park, Montrose, Irving Park, Addison, Belmont, Logan Square, California, Western, Damen, Division, Chicago, Grand, Clinton


Blue Line
Forest Park terminal

(708) 344-5010

Including Blue Line Stations: Forest Park, Harlem, Oak Park, Austin, Cicero, Pulaski, Kedzie-Homan, Western, Illinois Medical District, Racine, UIC-Halsted


Brown Line
Kimball terminal

(773) 604-7075

Including Brown Line Stations: Kimball, Kedzie, Francisco, Rockwell, Western, Damen, Montrose, Irving Park, Addison, Paulina, Southport, Belmont, Wellington, Diversey, Fullerton, Armitage, Sedgwick, Chicago, Merchandise Mart


Green Line
Ashland/63rd or Cottage Grove terminals
(773) 434-4490

Including Green Line stations: 35-Bronzeville-IIT, Indiana, 43rd, 47th, 51st, Garfield, Halsted, Ashland/63rd, King Drive, Cottage Grove


Green Line
Harlem terminal

(708) 544-3175



Orange Line
Midway terminal

(773) 884-2182

Including Orange Line Stations: Midway, Pulaski, Kedzie, Western, 35th/Archer, Ashland, Halsted and Green and Orange Line station Roosevelt


Pink Line
54th/Cermak terminal

(708) 484-9222

Including Pink Line Stations: 54th/Cermak, Cicero, Kostner, Pulaski, Central Park, Kedzie, California, Western, Damen, 18th, Polk

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