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Riding the Bus

How-To Guide: Riding the Bus

  1. photo: a bus stop in a parkFind your bus stop and wait near the sign.
    Bus stops are usually located one or two blocks apart. Stand near the bus stop sign where the person driving the bus will be able to see you. (In Evanston, buses stop at any corner--wait at a corner where a bus driver can see you and flag the bus as it approaches.)
  2. photo: bus destination signCheck the destination sign as the bus approaches (or read the one on the side when it stops).
    Some stops are served by multiple routes. Also, not all buses go to the end of the line. Read the sign to see the bus route number, name, and where it's headed. When the bus opens its doors, it will also audibly announce the bus's route and destination.

    If you're not sure if the bus is going where you need to go, you can always ask, too.
  3. photo: inside the busRide.
    Have your fare ready when the bus approaches and pay your fare as you enter. Buses announce stops both audibly and visually on the bus.

    Enjoy your ride!



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