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Looking up bus stop IDs on

One of the easiest ways to find your stop ID for Bus Tracker arrivals by text message is right inside the Bus Tracker Web site. Any time you look up estimated arrivals at a stop or click a stop on a Bus Tracker map, you'll see specific instructions on how to text for that stop.


Option 1. Find your stop ID by getting estimated arrival times from Bus Tracker.

Whenever you look up Bus Tracker results, instructions on what to text appear along with those results (with the stop ID shown in context).

Go to and get estimated arrival times route/bus stop and you’ll see instructiosn for what to text. Like this:

Image showing where in Bus Tracker the estimated arrival times are located


Note: If you have a mobile device with Web access and want to look up a stop ID to use the text service instead, this works in the mobile version of Bus Tracker, too. Simply look up a result, and instructions (including the specific stop ID) will appear with the estimated arrival times:

image showing what bus tracker text-only version looks like with text instructions highlighted




Option 2. Find your stop ID from Bus Tracker location maps.

Stop IDs and what to text also appear on Bus Tracker location maps. There are two ways to get this information from a CTA Bus Tracker location map:

  • Click Find Stop to look up a specific bus stop.
  • After selecting a Route to view, you can zoom in on your stop and click the bus stop you're interested in (bus stops are shown as red dots when you zoom in).

Your results will look like this:

Image showing what bus tracker results and text instructions look like on the map view

Remember: Message and data rates may apply. Check with your mobile carrier first.


Cheat sheet: Print out this page and jot down your favorite stops. (pdf)See also




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