Mail-in Balance Transfer

Mail-in Farecard Balance Transfer Guide & Form

As an additional convenience to CTA customers, we’re providing a mail-in option to have balances from old farecards and passes
transferred to a registered Ventra Card.

Through September 2, 2014*, you can mail in certain Transit Cards, Chicago Cards and magstripe permits to have leftover balance transferred to your registered Ventra Card.

Getting started

What do I need before I mail in my old farecards?

  • A registered Ventra Card
  • A fully completed mail-in transfer form
  • An envelope and postage

What do I need to fill out the form?

  • Your contact info as the registered Ventra Cardholder
  • Your Ventra account’s Transit ID
  • The serial numbers from your old cards

How can I get a Ventra Card?

  • From vending machines at any ‘L’ station
  • From more than 1,000 retailers (the $5 one-time purchase fee is waived until July 7, 2014)
  • Online at

Rules & conditions

  • Stored value cards mailed in must total at least $5 in combined value.
  • Passes must be sent in their original, unopened packaging and will be transferred to your Ventra account as transit value in the amount of the price you paid.
  • You may submit a maximum of eight of your old farecards.
  • The balance transferred to your Ventra Card can’t cause its total value to exceed $300.
  • The Ventra Card info you submit must be registered to the same name you write on this form.
  • All cards you send must have an expiration date of December 15, 2013 or later.
  • You may send in these types of cards:

    Stored-Value Transit Cards

    Full, Reduced or Student Fare stored-value Transit Cards.

    30-Day Unlimited Ride Passes
    Only Full or Reduced Fare 30-Day Passes, unused and in their original, sealed packaging

    Chicago Cards & O’Hare Smartcards
    Touchcards you would load at vending machines in ‘L’ stations or at certain retailers.

    Reduced Fare Permits
    Permits with money directly loaded on them at vending machines.
  • Cards will not be returned to you.
  • CTA reserves the right to refuse any card that can’t be read by fare equipment or is otherwise invalid, deactivated or is considered lost or stolen.


How can I check the balance on my old stored-value farecards?
For unexpired cards, farecard readers are available at most ‘L’ stations.

You can also call CTA Customer Service at 1-888-968-7282, weekdays, 7am to 7pm.

How long will it take for the transferred balance to appear in my Ventra account?
Balances will be transferred within 30 days after receipt of your mail-in request.

Will I receive notification that my balance was successfully transferred?
If you’ve given Ventra an e-mail address as part of your registration, you will receive a notification when the value is added.

Otherwise, you can check your account online to look for a credit from “Ventra Back Office” or call 1-877-NOW-VENTRA for
account information.

Is there a way to check the status of the mail-in balance transfer?
You can contact us at 1-312-681-4095 or e-mail

Where to send

Mail your completed form and farecard(s) to:

cta Fare Media Ops
Mail-in Balance Transfer
901 W Division
Chicago, IL 60642


Brochure and form

Print this brochure for the form you'll need to detach and mail in with your old farecard(s). The form contains additional instructions for finding your Ventra account's Transit ID and for filling out the form:

pdf documentMail-in Balance Transfer Guide & Form



*Due to Labor Day holiday, we'll be accepting forms postmarked thru September 2, 2014.

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