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PDF Document  Red Line Extension Open House Exhibit Boards Feb 2018 (.pdf)
Exhibit boards shown at public open house to provide information on the Preferred Alignment for the Red Line Extension (RLE) Project February 13, 2018.

  CTA Employee Salary List (.xls)
List of employee salaries.

  Expense Account Reporting - June 2011 (.xls)

PDF Document  018-001 (.pdf)
An ordinance authorizing the acquisition of property located at 3421 North Clark Street, Chicago, Illinois for the Red and Purple Modernization Project

PDF Document  018-002 (.pdf)
An ordinance authorizing the acquisition of a construction easement on property located at 5033 North Broadway Avenue, Chicago, Illinois for the Red and Purple Modernization Project

PDF Document  018-003 (.pdf)
An ordinance authorizing a fourth experiment for Bus Route # 31 31st

PDF Document  018-004 (.pdf)
An ordinance authorizing a Co-Promotional Advertising Trade Agreement with Bank of America, N.A. for the 2018 Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle

PDF Document  018-005 (.pdf)
An ordinance authorizing an intergovernmental agreement with the Chicago Park District to license property for six bus turnarounds

PDF Document  018-006 (.pdf)
An ordinance authorizing contracts for materials, labor, equipment and supplies--public bidding

PDF Document  018-007 (.pdf)
An ordinance authorizing change orders to contracts approved by the Chicago Transit Board

PDF Document  018-008 (.pdf)
An ordinance authorizing contracts for professional services--request for proposals / letters of interest and qualifications

PDF Document  018-009 (.pdf)
An ordinance authorizing contracts for special requirements

PDF Document  018-010 (.pdf)
An ordinance authorizing a Non-Competitively bid contract to iManage LLC to provide cloud-based hosting and maintenance services

PDF Document  Bus Route Timetable - #132 Goose Island Express (.pdf)

PDF Document  CTA Buying Plan (.pdf)

PDF Document  Bus Route Timetable - #31 31st (.pdf)

PDF Document  Ridership Report - November 2017 (.pdf)

PDF Document  Bike & Ride (.pdf)
Learn how to take your bike to transit and with you on CTA buses and trains with this handy brochure.

PDF Document  CTA Map in Spanish (Mapa en EspaƱol) (.pdf)

PDF Document  CTA System Map Brochure (.pdf)
Complete system map, Loop detail, quick destination guide, and other general information about CTA services, fares.

PDF Document  Downtown Transit Sightseeing Guide (.pdf)
Find your way around downtown Chicago on transit! This complete map highlights landmarks and attractions in relation to downtown transit.

PDF Document  Owl Service Guide & Map (.pdf)
This map and brochure provides information about overnight ("Owl") services from CTA.

PDF Document  CTA Bus Service Construction Requirements (.pdf)

PDF Document  2018 Historical Calendar (.pdf)

PDF Document  Budget Presentation - December 2017 (.pdf)

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