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PDF Document 009-112(.pdf) 
An ordinance fixing the salary of Terry Peterson as a member of the Chicago Transit Board

PDF Document 009-113(.pdf) 
An ordinance electing Terry Peterson Chairman of the Chicago Transit Board and setting the Chairman's salary

PDF Document 009-114(.pdf) 
An ordinance appointing members to certain standing committees of the Chicago Transit Board

PDF Document 009-115(.pdf) 
An ordinance authorizing an amendment to Ordinance No. 004-99 authorizing the establishment of a Code of Ethics for Chicago Transit Employees and Officers

PDF Document 009-116(.pdf) 
An ordinance amending Ordinance 008-152 the Fiscal Year 2009 Capital Improvement Program

PDF Document 009-117(.pdf) 
An ordinance authorizing the Treasurer to execute an electricity contract

PDF Document 009-118(.pdf) 
An ordinance authorizing an intergovernmental agreement with the City of Chicago to utilize funding from the Edgewater Tax Increment Financing District for the cost of station improvements at Berwyn Station

PDF Document 009-119(.pdf) 
An ordinance authorizing the assignment of a contract for the sale of Authority property located at 1819 West Montrose Avenue, Chicago, Illinois

PDF Document 009-120(.pdf) 
An ordinance authorizing contracts for materials, labor, equipment and supplies--public bidding

PDF Document 009-121(.pdf) 
An ordinance authorizing contracts for special requirements

PDF Document 009-122(.pdf) 
An ordinance authorizing change orders to contracts approved by the Transit Board

PDF Document 009-123(.pdf) 
An ordinance authorizing an amendment to contract approved by the Chicago Transit Board

PDF Document 009-124(.pdf) 
An ordinance fixing the salary of Jacquelyne D. Grimshaw as a member of the Chicago Transit Board

PDF Document 009-125(.pdf) 
An ordinance approving the fiscal year 2010 Capital Improvement Program and authorizing the filing and execution of grant and cooperative agreements and amendments, and related materials

PDF Document 009-126(.pdf) 
An ordinance adopting budget for Calendar Year 2010 and a Financial Plan for Calendar Years 2011-2012

PDF Document 009-127(.pdf) 
An ordinance authorizing reductions in force to meet 2010 Operating Budget requirements

PDF Document 009-128(.pdf) 
An ordinance authorizing an Intergovernmental Agreement to receive statutorily required contributions from the City of Chicago and the County of Cook to the Chicago Transit Authority

PDF Document 009-129(.pdf) 
An ordinance authorizing implementation of service changes

PDF Document 009-130(.pdf) 
An ordinance authorizing an Intergovernmental Cooperation Agreement between the Chicago Transit Authority and the City of Chicago, by and through its Department of Police, for public safety, pursuant to a Homeland Transit Security Grant

PDF Document 009-131(.pdf) 
An ordinance authorizing month-to-month extensions of license agreements, not to exceed six months, for automated teller machines

PDF Document 009-132(.pdf) 

PDF Document 009-133(.pdf) 

PDF Document 009-134(.pdf) 
An ordinance authorizing a disadvantageous to public bidding contract for comprehensive medical/physical exams and drug testing services

PDF Document 009-135(.pdf) 
An ordinance authorizing the procurement of Cubic Transportation Systems Automated Fare Collection (AFC) equipment for the rehabilitation of the Grand/State Station

PDF Document 009-136(.pdf) 
An ordinance authorizing the procurement of an upgrade from the current 2005 version to the 2010 version of the Hastus System software from Giro, Inc.

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