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PDF Document  096-101(.pdf) 
An ordinance declaring property located at 152-58 West Illinois Street, Chicago Illinois, as surplus and eligible for sale

PDF Document  096-102(.pdf) 
An ordinance modifying the #120 NW/Wacker express bus route and the #121 Union/ Wacker express bus route

PDF Document  096-103(.pdf) 
An ordinance changing the terminal for bus routes #11 Lincoln and #73 Armitage

PDF Document  096-104(.pdf) 
An ordinance amending Ordinance No. 96-86 which authorized lease and lease back of transit maintenance facilities and office buildings and repealed Ordinance No. 96-58

PDF Document  096-105(.pdf) 
An ordinance amending certain sections of the by-laws, rules and regulations and rules of order of the Chicago Transit Board

PDF Document  096-106(.pdf) 
An ordinance appointing members to certain standing committees of the Chicago Transit Board

PDF Document  096-107(.pdf) 
An ordinance appointing Susan Leonis a member of the Chicago Transit Authority's unit of the Retirement Allowance Committee

PDF Document  096-108(.pdf) 
An ordinance authorizing Chicago Transit Authority's participation in the local governmental electric power alliance and authorizing execution of an intergovernmental agency agreement with the City of Chicago

PDF Document  096-109(.pdf) 
An ordinance approving the findings of a hearing committee and dismissing the complaint of Zaven Guediguian

PDF Document  096-110(.pdf) 
An ordinance dismissing the complaint of Richard Bakosd

PDF Document  096-111(.pdf) 
An ordinance authorizing contracts for materials labor, equipment and supplies--public bidding

PDF Document  096-112(.pdf) 
An ordinance authorizing contracts for special requirements

PDF Document  096-113(.pdf) 
An ordinance authorizing health maintenance organization plans (HMOS) for Chicago Transit Authority employees and retirees

PDF Document  096-114(.pdf) 
An ordinance authorizing a contract for services of a master real estate manager --phase i

PDF Document  096-115(.pdf) 
An ordinance authorizing a non-exclusive easement to certain Blue line right-of-way property located adjacent to 1712 West 17th Street, Chicago. Illinois

PDF Document  096-116(.pdf) 
An ordinance authorizing a license agreement with commonwealth Edison company for property located adjacent to Skokie Shops facility

PDF Document  096-117(.pdf) 
An ordinance authorizing a grant of permanent easement to city of Chicago to certain Brown Line right-of-way property between W. Scott Street and W. Goethe Street, Chicago, Illinois

PDF Document  096-118(.pdf) 
An ordinance authorizing amendment to ordinance no. 96-39 to change the name of the purchaser of certain property adjacent to the Red Line right-of-way property

PDF Document  096-119(.pdf) 
An ordinance amending Ordinance No. 95-191, as previously amended, the FY 1996-2000 Capital Improvement Program

PDF Document  096-120(.pdf) 
An ordinance modifying the #30 South Chicago bus route

PDF Document  096-121(.pdf) 
An ordinance adopting a budget for calendar year 1997 and a financial plan for calendar years 1998-1999

PDF Document  096-122(.pdf) 
An ordinance authorizing contracts for materials labor, equipment and supplies--public bidding

PDF Document  096-123(.pdf) 
An ordinance authorizing contracts for special requirements

PDF Document  096-124(.pdf) 
An ordinance authorizing change orders to contracts approved by the Chicago Transit Board

PDF Document  096-125(.pdf) 
An ordinance authorizing assignment of contract for computer hardware/software used in the railfast system

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