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Corporate Partnership

CTA's Corporate Partnership program is a strategic initiative designed to create partnerships with well-established sponsors for a broad range of CTA assets.

This innovative program creates business across the board. It delivers unique opportunities, dynamic communication and promotion platforms, access to CTA’s world-class iconic assets, and innovative branding connections.

Through this program, CTA is seeking long-term partnerships that will provide value and benefits. Strategic partnership opportunities will be customized to meet specific requirements and, in addition to business generation, will include communication and promotion, access to facilities, branding, hospitality, events and naming rights of assets.


Our Partners

Miller Lite Great Beer Great Responsibility MillerCoors is the official sponsor of CTA’s Free Rides on New Year's Eve program, which provides free rides on New Year’s Eve to encourage safe and responsible celebration of the holiday.




If you are interested in sponsoring a CTA program or station, please contact:

Stina Fish
Manager, Business Development
T: 312-681-4120


Candidate sponsor criteria

Prohibited categories
First, your brand will need to meet our advertising guidelines for acceptable brands, products and services. See CTA's advertising guidelines in this ordinance for more information:

General Criteria
The following criteria will be considered in the review of sponsorship proposals:


What is corporate partnership?
Corporate Partnership is a program created by CTA to promote corporate investment in our transit system. Companies can invest in a unique opportunity to promote their brand through CTA assets. Benefits to the Corporate Partner might include being promoted in CTA press releases, having the right to advertise on the CTA system, and having their name or logo incorporated into a CTA station name and signage.

Where will my brand name appear if I sponsor a program?
Benefits of sponsoring a program may include: advertising within a station or on trains and buses, company name or logo on CTA’s website, and recognition in CTA press releases.

What will the incremental revenue from the Corporate Partnership program be used for?
The incremental revenue generated with be utilized by the CTA to offset costs, including, but not limited to: operation and maintenance of the transit system, expanding current services and implementation of new projects.

Are there any other transit agencies with this kind of Corporate Partnership Program?
Various transit agencies worldwide have implemented or are considering this innovative option to develop additional revenue streams. Examples include the Dubai, UAE subway system; AT&T Station in Philadelphia; and Barclay’s Center Station in New York.

How will Corporate Sponsor partners be selected?
All submissions will be reviewed and evaluated by predetermined criteria, described above,, including financial value to CTA, concept for a partnership, and fit with the CTA and neighborhood identity.

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