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Did you know?

Our buses and trains log more miles on a typical weekday than distance from the earth to the moon: A combined 376,612 miles. (The moon is about 250,000 miles away.)

We've been running trains since 1892 when the South Side 'L' opened (now part of the Green Line).

In 1947, CTA acquired and took on operation of the 'L', Chicago's buses and the streetcar lines of the day.

The first transit in Chicago was a horsecar line that began service in 1859--that line never really stopped running though. It evolved, over the years, into the #29 State, which uses modern low-emission diesel buses.

The name 'L' comes from "elevated train," but our 224-miles of railroad tracks run over elevated lines, through four distinct subways, down expressway medians and even at ground level in some parts.

The South Side stations on the Red Line and the Blue Line stations from Logan Square thru Jefferson Park were designed by the same famous architecture firm that designed the Sears Tower and the John Hancock Center.

(You'll learn a lot about history, too, if you come to CTA!) 
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