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Adjacent Construction

Construction Adjacent to a CTA Right-of-Way

If you're performing construction above, on, below, or adjacent to CTA's rights-of-way (where our trains run), you're required to attain appropriate flagging, inspection, and/or rail safety training to ensure that your project will be conducted in a manner which does not present a hazard to our infrastructure, the public, the operation of transit vehicles, or a hazard to you or your workers.

Before starting work, you'll need to meet with a CTA representative to determine requirements for flagmen and other tradesmen, if required, and any other necessary items related to the work activities next to our facilities, in order to receive approval for your proposed work activity.

For complete details on how to get the necessary authorizations for working along our right-of-way, including more details on requirements, fees and how to apply, see our Right of Way Requirements document (.pdf).

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