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Posted Bus Stop List: Route #95E

As of: 08/01/2016

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Direction of travel
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Special notes

120231300 E 95th StreetWestboundNorthside of the Street
119331300 E 95th StreetEastboundSouthside of the Street
120211500 E 95th StreetWestboundNortheast Corner
119351500 E 95th StreetEastboundSouthwest Corner
725891st Street & BuffaloEastboundSouthwest Corner
1200292nd Street & BaltimoreWestboundNortheast Corner
1195392nd Street & BaltimoreEastboundSouthwest Corner
1200092nd Street & BurleyWestboundNortheast Corner
737692nd Street & CommercialWestboundNortheast Corner
725292nd Street & CommercialEastboundSouthwest Corner
1201693rd Street & BennettWestboundNortheast Corner
1193893rd Street & BennettEastboundSouthwest Corner
1201493rd Street & ClydeWestboundNortheast Corner
1194093rd Street & ClydeEastboundSouthwest Corner
1200893rd Street & ColfaxWestboundNortheast Corner
1194693rd Street & ColfaxEastboundSouthwest Corner
1201793rd Street & CregierWestboundNortheast Corner
1193793rd Street & CregierEastboundSouthwest Corner
1202993rd Street & DrexelWestboundNortheast Corner
1192793rd Street & DrexelEastboundSouthwest Corner
1201893rd Street & East EndWestboundNorthside of the Street
1193693rd Street & East EndEastboundSouthwest Corner
1202893rd Street & EllisWestboundNortheast Corner
1192893rd Street & EllisEastboundSouthside of the Street
1194993rd Street & EscanabaEastboundSouthwest Corner
1200993rd Street & EssexWestboundNortheast Corner
1194593rd Street & EssexEastboundSouthwest Corner
1202793rd Street & GreenwoodWestboundNortheast Corner
1192993rd Street & GreenwoodEastboundSouthwest Corner
1201593rd Street & JefferyWestboundNortheast Corner
1193993rd Street & JefferyEastboundSouthwest Corner
1200693rd Street & ManisteeWestboundNortheast Corner
1194893rd Street & ManisteeEastboundSouthwest Corner
1200793rd Street & Marquette AvenueWestboundNortheast Corner
1194793rd Street & Marquette AvenueEastboundSouthwest Corner
1201193rd Street & OglesbyWestboundNorthside of the Street
1194393rd Street & OglesbyEastboundSouthwest Corner
1201393rd Street & PaxtonWestboundNortheast Corner
1194193rd Street & PaxtonEastboundSouthwest Corner
1201993rd Street & Stony IslandWestboundNortheast Corner
1202693rd Street & WoodlawnWestboundNorthwest Corner
1193093rd Street & WoodlawnEastboundSouthwest Corner
1201093rd Street & YatesWestboundNortheast Corner
1194493rd Street & YatesEastboundSouthwest Corner
1400395th Red Line StationNorthboundBus Terminal
1202295th Street & DorchesterWestboundNorthside of the Street
1193495th Street & DorchesterEastboundSouthside of the Street
210495th Street & EberhartWestboundNortheast Corner
226595th Street & EberhartEastboundSouthside of the Street
298095th Street & ForestWestboundNortheast Corner
281895th Street & ForestEastboundSouthwest Corner
298195th Street & IndianaWestboundNortheast Corner
281795th Street & IndianaEastboundSouthwest Corner
210595th Street & King DriveWestboundNortheast Corner
281995th Street & King DriveEastboundSouthwest Corner
260095th Street & LangleyWestboundNortheast Corner
246195th Street & LangleyEastboundSouthside of the Street
298295th Street & MichiganWestboundNorthwest Corner
281695th Street & MichiganEastboundSouthwest Corner
297995th Street & St. LawrenceWestboundNortheast Corner
226695th Street & St. LawrenceEastboundSouthwest Corner
1202495th Street & WoodlawnWestboundNortheast Corner
1193295th Street & WoodlawnEastboundSoutheast Corner
11999Buffalo & 92nd StreetSouthboundNorthwest Corner
15237Burley & 92nd StreetNorthboundNortheast Corner
2464Cottage Grove & 93rd StreetNorthboundSoutheast Corner
2596Cottage Grove & 93rd StreetSouthboundSouthwest Corner
2462Cottage Grove & 95th StreetNorthboundNortheast Corner
2599Cottage Grove & 95th StreetSouthboundNorthwest Corner
2463Cottage Grove & LyonNorthboundEastside of the Street
2597Cottage Grove & LyonSouthboundNorthwest Corner
11951Exchange & 92nd StreetNortheastboundSouthwest Corner
12005Exchange & AnthonySouthwestboundNortheast Corner
12004Exchange & South ChicagoSouthwestboundNortheast Corner
11950Exchange & South ChicagoNortheastboundSouthwest Corner
7102Stony Island & 93rd StreetNorthboundSoutheast Corner
12020Stony Island & 93rd StreetSouthboundSouthwest Corner
7101Stony Island & 94th StreetNorthboundEastside of the Street
7210Stony Island & 94th StreetSouthboundNorthwest Corner
7100Stony Island & 95th StreetNorthboundNortheast Corner
7211Stony Island & 95th StreetSouthboundNorthwest Corner
11931Woodlawn & 94th StreetSouthboundNorthwest Corner
12025Woodlawn & 94th StreetNorthboundSoutheast Corner