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Chicago Transit Board Resolutions

Following is a list of resolutions passed by the Chicago Transit Board available on our website.

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PDF Document  R017-01 (.pdf)
Resolution Setting the Time of the June 2017 Chicago Transit Board Regular Meeting

PDF Document  R016-01 (.pdf)
Resolution regarding the Chicago Transit Authority's commitment to provide employment opportunities through the City Of Chicago's One Summer Chicago Program

PDF Document  R015-04 (.pdf)
A Resolution in Memory of Pastor Charles E. Robinson

PDF Document  R015-03 (.pdf)
Resolution Setting the Dates and Times of the April, October, and November 2016 Chicago Transit Board Regular Meetings

PDF Document  R015-02 (.pdf)
Resolution Setting the Time of the November 2015 Chicago Transit Board Regular Meeting

PDF Document  R015-01 (.pdf)
Resolution recognizing the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act and Acknowledging the Chicago Transit Authority's Accessibility Initiatives

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